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Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd December 2021 Niharika says Kush please drop me too on the way. He says I am going urgently. She says I have to go on the way only. Madhuri asks Kush did Love come home? He was out all night. Kush says no meetings happen at night. Madhuri asks Depikaa. She says he had a meeting. Niharika says what’s Kush taking this bag. I’ve to keep an eye on him.

Madhuri says to Depika he was out all night and no one knows. You are his wife. You have all the right to question him. If you don’t question right now you wont’be able to ever. Diya calls Madhuri. Madhuri says I miss you a lot. Where is Arjun? Do you talk to him? I worry so much about you. Diya says I want to meet you urgently maa. Please come to the academy. Kush calls Arjun and says the bag is ready. Niharika is following Kush.

Scene 2
The girl calls on Love’s number. Depika picks. She says love is sleeping. You can tell me what it is. She says I will only talk to love. Love wakes up and says who are you talking to?

Kush sees the car behind him. He says this is our car. Is someone following me? Love says I told you not to touch my phone. YOu have no right. Depika says you were with herr all night right? And will go tonight too? Let me tell maa. He says don’t drag maa. You will complain to maa? She says you are my husband but you never gave me right to be mine. He says don’t do this drama. You want to tell ma all this and get her sympathy? That won’t happen. Depika says when relations are burning you can’t be ashamed. I am silent but not an idiot. She leaves.

Scene 3
Madhuri comes to meet Diya. She says is everything okay? You can’t meet a visitor. Where is Arjun? Diya says he doesn’t know you are here. Diya says maa.

Arjun waits for Kush. Kush gives him the bag. He tells her he saw Niharika following her. He dragged her out and said why were you chasing me? She said you’re hiding something. You’ve an affair going on. I want to know everything. I will come in front of your car. Kush said check my phone. She said okay. Kush said go home. Kush said she was coming here but I sent her back. Kush leaves.

Diya says I am really worried for Arjun. He is very serious with this camp. HE’s risking his future. He’s staying here. I can’t sleep. A man makes her video. Diya says Arjun’s happiness is badminton but it is risking his life. Now I know why you want to take Arjun away from badminton. His life is more important than my dream. I want to take him away from badminton. That’s why I called you here.

Scene 4
Arjun says to Vittal I need to stay around the camp. Vittal says but he has increased the security. He will get this room checked too. Diya says Arjun has always been there for me. He might have to kick me out of his life too because our marriage is tied by badminton. I want your support. Madhuri says now you know why I was scared of it.

Arjun can never kick you out of the house as long as I am there. I will do whatever you ask. We will both tell Ajrun you have left badminton. Diya says we can’t tell him right now. Madhuri says how will you do it? Diya says I will have to lose this tournament. I will have to break my dream. Don’t tell anyone. If Arjun asks me to leave his house.. Madhuri says that won’t ever happen. I am always with you. We will both take Arjun away from this darkness. She hugs Diya. the man records and leaves.

Scene 5
Niharika says to Depika I am so sad. Tina comes there. Depika says whatb are you doing here?
Arjun calls on Diya’s number but it’s off. Vittal comes to Diya and says why is your phone off? She says I can’t find it. Vittal says sir you can talk from my phone. Arjun says why is your phone off? She says I lost my phone. He says did someone steal it? Diya says she can’t prove anything. I delete everything.

Diya asks where are you? he says in the store room. It’s only about tonight. Diya says their plans are getting dangerous. Arjun says ask them to change your room. Monica has done the drama herself. Warden will listen to you. Diya asks Vittal to talk to warden to change her room. Arjun says tomorrow is the trounament. I want to see you win.

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