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Rishton Ka Manjha 22nd January 2022 Arjun calls his man and says keep an eye on the inquiry panel and all the memebers. He says Karan will try manipulate the people who gave statements. Karan shouldn’t get to them and their phones should be off.

Diya comes in. Arjun says we have handled everyone but only Anjali Agarwal is left. Diya says maybe any member of the inquiry panel has an idea about her? Or maybe not because they were all interrogated separately? Madhuri hears them talking.

Karan finds out Arjun is already talking to people from inquiry panel and they are all going to expose him and helping Arjun. Karan says I’ve to stop Arjun at all costs.
Madhuri cries and gets angry over herself.

She says this truth will shatter Arjun. I would rather die than to see my Arjun hating me. Depika comes in and tells her something. Madhuri smiles. Arjun says to Diya three people from the list have died because they were old. Maybe they knew who Anjali Agarwal is. Diya says we should stop stressing over Anjali. We have enough people with us. Arjun says but I really wanna know whi she is.

And I am sure she’s not from academy otherwise Iw ould have known her. Diya says but why would they take her statement then? Arjun says in heart it could be dad’s game to shake hands with Mr. Khurana. Amitabh must have produced a person named Anjali so he can benefit in his business. Diya says maybe you’re right. Arjun says I will find out at all costs who she is.

Scene 2
At night, Arjun hits punching back. Diya comes in and looks at him with love. She gives Arjuna a towel. Arjun smiles looking at her. Diya cleans his chest. Arjun says you should sleep you have not been resting since days.

Diya says Depika asked her to leave the guest room. Arjun smiles and says I can share my room with you. Diya smiles. She says if Arjun doesn’t have a problem then I can shift here. Arjun says I am pretty used to it, I used to share it in the hostel too. Diya says with girls as well? Arjun says not his is the firs time I am sharing my room with a girl.

Scene 3
Karan’s manager brings in a maid Parvati from Agarwal mansion. She’s blindfolded. She screams for help. They open her eyes and she sees a lot of cash on the table. She says I can’t help you sir. Arjun will kill me. He hates you a lot. Karan puts more money on table. He says you can live your whole life without working with this money. She takes the money and says okay I will help you. KAran tells her what to do. She says I will do it sir.

Scene 4
At night, Paravti sneaks into Arjun’s room. She keeps a drugs packet there as per Karan’s plan. Depika sees her. She says what are you doing here at this hour? Parvati says Arjun and Diya wanted wanter. Depika says go back to your room. Paravti goes back. Kush tells DEpika all preparations are done. I have told Arjun too.

Depika asks did you tell Niharika? He says no. I don’t consider her a part of this family. Depika says you shouldn’t treat her like that. She is your wife. Kush says what she did was unacceptable.

Diya wakes up at night. The entire room is decorated and there gifts all around. Diya is shocked. She comes downstairs. It’s all decorated. Diya says is there any special occasion today? She looks for Arjun.Karan plays badminton and recalls Arjun playing. Karan says you have no place in bandminton world.

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