Rishton Ka Manjha 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 21st September 2021 Arjun makes Diya exercise rigorously before the practice. Diya gets tired but keeps exercising. He pushes her to work out more.

Tina arrives at the badminton court. She watches Arjun holding Diya’s hand and practicing with her. She makes their video and is angry. She silently leaves from there.

Diya tries to practice but says I need rest, I can’t do it. Arjun asks her to get up. Diya says I can’t. Arjun shows her Riya’s video and says she is very focused and has stamina, your selection match is with her. Diya says you didn’t tell me what’s the test match date? Arjun says Karan has kept your test match with her, she is their star player. The match is on 4th October. Diya says but that’s my wedding date. You are getting married too on the same date. Arjun says Karan knew that that’s why he chose this date. Diya sits down sadly and says everything is finished, I can’t play the match on that date. Arjun says you lost hope just with this? This is what Karan does but don’t lose hope, I am with you. Diya stares at him.

Arjun brings Diya to her house. She is sitting there sadly. Arjun says see you tomorrow. Diya says I never thought this would happen. Arjun says Karan would try everything to stop you. Diya says we will find a solution. Arjun says my training is working on you. Karan shocked us with this date but we will play the game on that day and surprise him.

Tina shows Arjun and Diya’s training video to Madhuri. Niharika says oh God, I knew something is going on between them. Arjun is not drinking these days, he gets up early also to meet that girl.

Diya asks Arjun if he has any idea how she can play the match? Arjun says no, maybe you can talk to your Ajit. Diya says I can’t talk to him again about this. Arjun says your marriage is around 6 PM and my marriage is around 10 PM but the match is around 9 PM so you can make it.

Madhuri says that the girl is bringing Arjun back to badminton, this game has given a lot of pain to my son and he can get hurt again. Tina says that the girl is using him, she loves her dreams and she knows badminton is Arjun’s weakness, she wants to be closer to Arjun and using this method. Madhuri says but she is getting married on 4th October. Tina says her match is on the same day. Madhuri says that’s why Arjun was asking about match timing.

Arjun tells Diya that she will play the match at any cost. Come for the training tomorrow. Diya looks on. Arjun says I won’t let you lose this fight against Karan and neither will I.

Tina tells Madhuri that Arjun doesn’t have time for me but he is prioritizing that girl’s training. Madhuri says I don’t understand the point of that match when she can’t play it.. She recalls how Diya rejected her gift, she says that girl lied to me that day. My son used to drink himself to sleep, he is getting better but that girl is taking him back to that life that pained him. I won’t let her do it. I will go and talk to that girl.

Diya starts leaving Arjun’s car, he asks her to not worry, everything will be fine.

Scene 2
Diya meets Ajit’s parents. Ajit’s mother likes her. Sadna tells Mohan that they have no demand. Ajit’s mother says we just want you all to welcome our guests to the wedding, we don’t need anything else. Mohan says I am lucky to get a proposal from people like you. Ajit’s mother says we are lucky to get Diya, we will meet you all on 4th October. Ajit leaves with his family. Diya looks on.

The next day, Diya is practicing hard. Arjun gives her a water break. Diya is tensed. Arjun notices it and says let’s practice. Diya tries to practice but she can’t focus. Arjun shouts at her to focus. Where is your attention? Diya says I feel tense, I think everything will be fine but then I think how? Will I even be able to play the game again or not? She asks if he can play a game with her? Arjun looks on.

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