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Rishton Ka Manjha 20th September 2021 Diya is in Arjun’s car and sees Mohan coming nearby. Diya hugs Arjun and hides from him. Her father leaves. Diya moves away and says thank God baba didn’t see me, I promised him to not meet you again. She leaves her bag in Arjun’s car and goes home.

Mohan comes home and gives 2 lacs to Meera, he asks her to prepare for the wedding. He gives her some jewelry and says I will get Diya married in a good way. Meera says how did you arrange money? Mohan says God helped me. Diya comes there. Mohan tells her that Ajit’s parents will come tomorrow to meet you, he is a nice guy and will take care of her. Diya nods. Mohan leaves. Meera tells Diya that you can’t be out of home for much time now. Diya says soon the test date will be announced and I will be fine.

Karan talks to the media and says I want to announce the date for the eligibility test. I want you all to know that our star player Riya will have a test match with Diya Mukherji on 4th October. Raghu kaka hears that and calls Arjun. He says Karan has arranged Diya’s match with Riya on 4th October. Arjun says I know why he did that. He ends the call. He calls Diya.

Diya is sleeping when Mohan and Meera enter her room. Mohan says I wanted to show her jewelry but she is asleep. Let’s go. They both leave. Arjun is calling Diya but she is sleeping.

Madhuri shows jewelry to Deepika for Tina. Arjun comes there and asks what time will be the wedding on the 4th? I have some wor on that day. Madhuri says please don’t do something wrong on that date. Dadi tells him that the marriage will happen around 10 PM but can’t you postpone that work? Arjun says I will arrive around 10 PM for the marriage. He leaves.

Arjun comes to his room and sees the news of Karan announcing Diya’s match with Riya. He watches Riya’s playing videos and notes her way of playing. He says Karan the game starts now. Let’s play.

Scene 2
In the morning, Diya wakes up and sees she is late for the training. She gets ready and checks her phone. She sees Arjun’s missed calls and says why did he call me so much? Meera comes there and says I told your father that you are going out shopping but come back on time. Diya nods and says Arjun was calling me last night. Don’t know why. He makes me train so much. Meera says just leave before your father wakes up. Diya thanks her and leaves.

Arjun comes to his family. Madhuri says sit with us and have breakfast. Arjun says I have to leave. Tina says spend some time with me. Arjun says you can spend time with my family, they know what I like. Madhuri says she wants to go shopping with you. Arjun says you can take her shopping, you know what I like. Tina says if you are going for a morning walk then I will come with you. Arjun says I am not going for a morning walk, you should focus on the shopping, you can choose anything for me, he leaves. Tina thinks he rejected me to go and train that girl. I was fine with him training that girl but my thoughts are dangerous. I won’t let my dream of marrying Arjun be destroyed by that cheap girl. She calls Karan and says Arjun left the house. Karan says I will send my men behind him.

Diya is waiting for Arjun to pick her up. Ajit comes there and says good morning, where are you going? Diya says I am going for the badminton practice. Ajit says I don’t mind you playing after the marriage. Diya smiles and says thank you for being so understanding. He says my parents are coming to meet you in the evening, we will meet in the evening? She says sure. Ajit leaves. Arjun comes there but doesn’t see his face. He asks Diya who was that man? Diya says I would have been introduced to Ajit. Arjun says let’s go. He drives away with her. Karan’s car follows them.

Diya asks Arjun why were you calling me last night? Arjun ignores her and asks her to get ready for practice. He asks her to warm up first. Diya is warming up while Arjun watches Riya’s game online. Diya thinks why won’t he tell me about calls last night.

Karan calls Tina and says Arjun is training Diya in an old badminton court. Tina says I will go there. Karan says yes, go and see how that middle-class girl brought Arjun’s passion for the game back. Just remember that I can blacken his face again. Tina ends the call and starts leaving. She tells Madhuri that I have to go somewhere. Madhuri says our Guruji is coming tomorrow to bless you and Arjun. Just be here. Tina says sure and leaves. Madhuri thinks I wish she could handle Arjun and keep him away from badminton.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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