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Rishton Ka Manjha 20th November 2021 Diya says dadi your blessings were with me. Madhuri comes and says Diya.. She smiles. Dadi asks what did the doctor say? Arjun says he’s asked her to rest. Diya says let’s start the pooja. thank you for waiting for me maa. Let’s give the anjali. Arjun asks Diya where are you going?

She says for anjali. He says you won’t go anywhere. Doctor has asked you to rest. Diya says let me give anjali. He says no it’s fine. I won’t listen to you. Dadi says you should rest. Arjun takes Diya to her room.

Kusha looks in anger at Niharika. Niharika asks what happened? How did you know the cat ruined the flowers? He says come with me. Tina wonders if he found out. Tina says I hope she doesn’t take my name. Niharika asks what happened? Kush says what’s your problem? Why did you ruin the flowers? Niharika says I didn’t. The cat did, why was Diya irresponsible. Kush is about to slap her. He says enough,

stop lying. Niharika says now you will hit me? What proof do yo have? He says let me show you the proof. Who asked you to do all this? Niharika says I didn’t do it. He says you will accept your mistake in front of everyone. Kush leaves in anger. Niharika tells Tina Kush found out I did it. He has proofs. He’s saying he would tell everyone. He says he knows this wasn’t my plan. Do something please. Tina says I have an idea. She tells her what to do. Niharika says I will do that.

Scene 2
Depika gives milk to diya, Diya says there’s malai in it and I don’t like it. Arjun says quiet and drink it. Dadi says Anjali is starting. Depika says Diya you rest. She leaves. Diya says please take me. Arjun says no, you need to rest. Diya says I can go on wheelchair. Maa waited for me. Arjun says no. Diya says if baba were here he would find a way out. Arjun says don’t emotional blackmail me. Let me get dadi’s wheelchair. He brings a wheelchair and says let’s go. Diya has falled asleep. Arjun says thank God she slept. She’ll rest now.

Anjali starts. Pandit ji gives anjali. Arjun stands with everyone. Madhuri is very happy. She says my son will give anjali after years. They all do pooja together. Diya wakes up. She says I got late. I had to give anjali. I should go downstairs. Diya tries to go. Arjun holds her hand. Arjun says I gave anjali. I didn’t want to wake you up. Diya says you made me miss maa’s anjali. You never listen to me. He says you gave anjali. I gave it on your behalf. Madhuri asked why are you taking two flowers? Arjun said one for me and one for Diya. Diya is happy. Arjun says maa was happy to see me there.

Scene 3
Niharika says for that girl you want your wife to be insulted? Everyone would be mad at me. Kush says just accept and apologize for your mistake. Niharika says what do you see in that girl? You always find her right. He says I wish you could see that.

Diya says thank you maa. Your plan was to take Arjun to the Anjali. Arjun says why are you smiling? Diya says nothing. Niharika says that girl is selfish. She married Arjun for her dream. Diya says today’s pooja would be so much fun.

Depika told me you dance so well. I am so excited. He says I won’t be part of the arti. Your plans won’t work anymore. Diya says won’t you show your dance to me? He says if I go Mr. Agarwal will have another reason to insult you. Diya says these small things don’t matter. Just come to the arti. I will handle the rest. Arjun says use your brain. Madhuri and Depika are at the door. They smile.

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