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Rishton Ka Manjha 1st September 2021 Meera asks Diya why didn’t she answer the matchmaker Sadna? You have to get married. Diya says not now, we are not stable and I can’t get married in this situation. Baba will need to take a loan to get me married so we have to wait for my marriage. I will get a job right now. You all are in this trouble because of me so I will bring you all out of it. Meera says I don’t know how he will manage it but I am sure he will find a way to get you married.

Madhuri is brushing Arjun’s hair but doesn’t talk to him. Arjun asks if she is angry? I don’t care about others but I can’t see you miffed with me. Madhuri cries and says I keep looking for my lost Arjun. Arjun says I am sorry, I was drunk at that time. Madhuri says your father is right, you have become addicted to it. Arjun says how is he to decide for my life? You didn’t even inform me. She says I did inform you. Arjun says I was drunk and didn’t hear you. Niharika hides and tries to hear them. Her husband comes there and says go from here, don’t spy on them. She angrily leaves. Madhuri tells Arjun that I will forget everything but promise me that you will accept anything I demand from now on. Arjun says I promise to listen to everything you say. Madhuri smiles and leaves. Arjun says I know Amitabh will take advantage of this problem but it’s time to meet Karan Mathur again in Kolkata.

Karan tells his board members to throw Arjun out of the arena if he is seen again. He recalls Arjun throwing a shoe at him. Karan murmurs that he wants an action replay of that incident.

Arjun looks at himself in the mirror. He looks at his wound and how Diya helped him that day. He says thank you to that girl for bringing me back to the court and making me meet Karan again.

Scene 2
Diya is trying to sleep but can’t. She recalls Arjun’s words that money wins over talent in this game.

Arjun calls a staff Raghav at the badminton academy and asks what’s going on? Raghav says a new tournament is starting, we miss you a lot. You are destroying your life. Arjun says Karan is starting a new tournament? He says yes, he is getting sponsor to get more money. Arjun says we have all be silent but not anymore. I am already banned so I don’t care. Karan will be tensed tomorrow. Let’s meet tomorrow in the academy.

In the morning, Diya prays to Lord to give her strength and a job. Mohan sees her praying and sadly looks on. Meera comes to him and says you haven’t talked to her for 2 days. She made your breakfast today. Mohan nods. He says she should be careful in this new city. Diya comes there and says people are nice here. She says this is a difficult time but my baba is with me. Mohan says you can’t join what’s broken inside. Diya says I will always stand by you. She says I was thinking to get some books with Shobha, can I go? He says okay but come back fast.

Deepika tells Madhuri that I have made the grocery list. She says we are getting sweets from that special shop of Kolkata. Madhuri says I wish all family members would be there for pooja. Arjun comes there and asks what’s going on? Madhuri says next week is the pooja so you have to be here. Arjun says a film is going to be released and I will be the focus of it so I will be busy. Madhuri is confused. Arjun leaves. Amitabh comes there and says we will finalize his marriage date with Tina on the pooja day.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
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