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Rishton Ka Manjha 1st December 2021 Arjun says start packing, we have to leave right now. Diya says have you thought about maa? I can’t break her heart. Tina is gone, everything will be fine. He says this house’s poison will remain against you. we are going. Madhuri says my DIL won’t go anywhere and neither would you. My home is incomplete without my DILs. She will live here with all of us.

Kush says Arjun please, papa will also accept her. We are all with her. don’t leave. Madhuri says we are sorry Diya. We made a huge mistake. You have been good from day one and we couldn’t accept you because of our hate. Kush says Arjun you won’t go right? He says okay I won’t. Kush hugs him and says thank you my brother.

Arjun says but I have a condition. You have to accept Diya with badminton and her dreams. She’s incomplete without it. You will never stop her from playing badminton. Madhuri says okay, if you want that, I will never stop Diya from playing badminton.

Scene 2
Diya does arti with everyone. Kush says thank you for leaving Arjun. This house would be empty without you. I knew maa would accept you. You’re coming with us to the temple. They take the idol out. Arjun goes with them.

Niharika meets Tina outside. Tina says did anyone see you? Niharika says Kush saw me speaking on the call. I told him I did it all because of Tina. She says I am sorry but I had to say that so I can stay in the house. Tina says you have to complete this plan. You have to add this drug in Diya’s breakfast. She will go to the camp and get tested. Don’t make any mistake. You are on Kush’s radar. Tina says I know you’re not innocent. I will do the same with you once my plan is done.

Scene 3
Amitabh says on call how can you do this? I didn’t know Karan’s office was gonna have a raid. How can you forget? When Karan trapped Arjun in the drug plan, I didn’t stand with Arjun. I stood with Karan. If I lose this contract my company will get shut down. Diya hears it. She’s shocked. Diya says how can papa do this? Madhuri comes. She says what are you doing here? Diya says I was going to my room. Madhuri says come with me.

Niharika hides the medicine. She says I will give it to Diya at any cost. Madhuri says to Diya when Arjun said he was gonna leave the house, I was really scared. So when he said about your badminton condition, I had no option but to say yes. In my heart, I don’t want you to play. It destroy Arjun’s life. If you play, I can’t keep Arjun away from it. I know you care about Arjun and you will understand me.

You want to bring light to Arjun’s life but it can’t happen with badminton. Leave this game. You must be thinking I am selfish. For my son, I am taking your dream away from you. I don’t know what to do. I am mother. I can’t see my son in pain. I have seen Arjun’s life become hell because of badminton.

It will destroy your life too. Please leave it. I want you to start a new life with Arjun. this house, family everything is yours. Just leave badminton. Arjun will never agree with me. Just accept this. Please say something. Diya what can I say maa.

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Telecast Date:1st December 2021
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