Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Diya tells Arjun that I have cleaned the court so we can start practicing. Arjun shows her balloons hanging from the ceiling. He says these are your chances to fulfill your dreams so jump up and grab them. Diya jumps and bursts the balloons. Arjun shouts at her to keep jumping higher and higher. Diya is tired but keeps jumping. She falls down and sprains her foot. Arjun rushes to her and asks if she is fine? He tends to her foot while Diya stares at him. Arjun asks if she is fine? Diya says when will we play badminton? Arjun says you have to practice first. He asks her to get up and keep bursting the balloons.

Niharika tells Tina that I like a saree for your wedding function but it’s expensive and Khush won’t buy it for me. Tina says my marriage won’t happen again so I will buy it for you. Niharika says that’s why you are my favorite. She goes from there.

Arjun brings sprain spray for Diya and says you will need it tonight. The training ended. Diya says we didn’t even play badminton. Arjun says you don’t have discipline, you can’t even play at the state level at this point. Diya says I have won all my matches without any practice. Arjun says your over-confidence will take you down and focus on your skills which need practice. Diya says you think I don’t have skills? She gives him a racket and says let’s play a game, if I make you lose then we will start training today only. Arjun starts leaving but Diya says you don’t have the confidence? Are you scared of a player who plays at the district level? Can’t you play a game with me if you doubt my skills? Arjun says let’s play then. He takes the racket. They both take their places.

Karan calls Tina and asks how are you? Tina says I didn’t do anything after the academy incident but don’t test my patience. Why did you call me? Karan says don’t be angry, I called you to inform you that you are planning for marriage but your would-be husband is roaming around with that middle-class Diya Mukherji. He is training her and spending time with her. Tina says where are you? Karan says I am waiting for you in my office.

Arjun and Diya start playing the game. Arjun throws shuttles at her. Diya can’t catch them because of the force he is applying. Arjun asks her to keep her focus on the game. Diya tries to hit shuttles but gets frustrated. Arjun says to focus on your target before thinking you are a champion otherwise your opponent will smash you. Diya falls down to her knees.

Karan informs his manager to call the meeting so they can decide the date for the eligibility game. He ends the call and says Diya is getting married on 4th as well as Arjun so what’s better than 4th to announce a test match? Arjun chose the wrong man to fight with.

Arjun sits beside Diya and says you can’t live with under or overconfidence in life. he offers her water and says let’s go. He goes to his bag and drinks alcohol. Diya stares at him.

Tina comes to Karan’s office and asks what proof he has that Arjun is training Diya? Karan says my men saw them together today. He is using that girl to fight against me. Tina says you want me to stop him from training her? Karan says come on, it’s beneficial for both of us. They are getting closer. Tina says it’s not like that. Karan says I won’t let Arjun come back to the badminton court.

Arjun brings food for Diya who is broken after losing the match. She takes the food and starts eating. Arjun drinks alcohol. Diya says why do you drink so much? It will hurt your liver then how will you play badminton? Arjun says we have to leave soon so hurry up.

Tina tells Karan that if you are saying the truth then I will support you. Karan says I have planned a surprise for Arjun on 4th October. Tina says I don’t want any drama at my wedding. He says don’t worry. Karan smirks.

Arjun is driving Diya to her house. Diya stares at him and falls asleep. Arjun arrives near her house and stares at her. Diya wakes up so he looks away. Diya says why didn’t you wake me up? Arjun says because you woke up yourself. Diya starts leaving his car but sees Mohan passingby. She hugs Arjun to hide from him.

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