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Rishton Ka Manjha 17th September 2021 Amitabh calls Khush and asks if he got the wedding cards designed? Khush says I will try to get it done. Amitabh says when will you start taking responsibility? Khush says I am sorry, I will get it down. Amitabh says you need to send gifts with invites, don’t do any mistakes. You can’t handle the business so at least do this. Niharika says Khush isn’t interested in Business, you and Love handle it all. Madhuri, Tina and Deepika come back home. Amitabh asks if she gave her the gift? Madhuri says she didn’t take it,

said that a gift isn’t required for helping. Amitabh says these middle-class people’s honor is everything to them. Niharika asks if they got to know what’s going on between Arjun and her? Deepika says that girl is getting married on 4th October. Niharika says that’s good to know. Arjun comes there and detective Madhuri’s mission failed. He tells her to not spy on him this much. Madhuri says we just went to thank her. Arjun says without telling me? Madhuri says she helped Dadi so I went to give her the gift. Arjun says you give gifts out of love or if you need something in return, you don’t love her so why did you go to her house?

You all met her but let me tell you she only loves her father and her dreams. He starts leaving but Tina stops him. She says we have to prepare for the wedding, let’s go shopping. Arjun says Maa knows what I like. He leaves from there. Amitabh asks Tina to not take stress, everything will be fine. He leaves. Deepika asks where is Love? Khush says he left for work. Madhuri and Deepika leave. Tina says that girl is smart, I never shared anything in my life. She is getting attention from Arjun so she has to pay for it. She tells Niharika to invite her to their sangeet function.

Arjun is leaving the house. He calls Diya and asks if she talked to her would-be husband? Diya says yes, he gave me permission, I can play badminton after marriage. Arjun says that’s great. Get ready and come meet me. Don’t be late. Diya says right now? Arjun says we should start as early as possible. We should start the practice as time is important, be there. He ends the call.

A man is following Arjun and calls Karan. Karan asks him to give updates about Arjun’s whereabouts. He says okay and follows him.

Diya says how will I leave the house? This Arjun is crazy. Baba told his mother that I won’t meet Arjun but I have to train. She comes to Meera and says I have to go out. I asked Ajit and he gave me permission to play badminton, he is supporting me. Meera says what about your father? Diya says he won’t know, just be on my side till the wedding. Meera says fine but be careful. Diya says okay. Meera asks if she will meet Arjun? Diya gets tensed and says yes. Meera says your father won’t like it. Diya says he is my trainer. Meera says you promised your father to not meet him. Diya says I remember my promise, just trust me. Meera says fine, promise me there won’t be any drama in the coming 20 days. Diya says I promise. She leaves.

Arjun is driving while Karan’s spies are following him. Arjun notices a car following him. He arrives at the place. Diya comes there and sits in his car. The spy calls Karan. Arjun tells Diya that you have to manage your time. Diya says where are we going to practice? Arjun says you will see. You denied Maa’s gift? Diya says I don’t think I need a gift for helping someone. Arjun drives away with her.

The spy follows them and calls Karan. He says Arjun is with Diya. They are going somewhere. Karan says to be on the call and follow them. Diya tells Arjun that it’s a dream to play badminton again. God has given me a path again. When will we reach? Arjun sees the car following them and doesn’t answer her. He takes a turn so the spy loses him. He calls Karan and says we lost him. Karan says he was on the back road? I am coming there. He ends the call and says I won’t spare Ragu Kaka today.

Arjun brings Diya to the court Ragu Kaka arranged for them. Everything is thrown around there. Diya gets sad seeing the place. Arjun gives her the broom and says you have to clean it all up. Diya says me? Arjun says you have to make your own playground. I will go and get changed, your time starts now. He leaves.

Karan arrives at the place and meets his spy. He asks where did he go? The spy says we lost him. Karan says this path goes to the academy. I know where he went.

Diya is cleaning the court. She gets tired but keeps mopping.

Karan comes outside the court and says Arjun is a banned player so he can’t enter there. I will insult him today.

In the court, Arjun comes there after changing and asks Diya to mop fast. He keeps ordering her to do it fast. Diya tries to clean as fast as she can. Arjun tells her to earn her practice. Karan arrives there and says Arjun your game is over. Ragu is stunned to see him and asks what happened? Karan asks his men to look around for them. He tells Ragu that you are trying to fool me? Where is Arjun? Ragu says why would he come here? Karan says just tell me where is he? His man says Arjun and Diya are not here. Karan shouts where did they go then? Karan tells Ragu I won’t spare you if I find Arjun here.

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