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Rishton Ka Manjha 16th October 2021 The host says we are start the third set of this match. Arjun says come on Diya. You can win this. diya struggles with Saree. The referee is being unfair. Arjun says what are you doing? This was in line. Diya defeats Ria in the next point. Diya slips because of the oil. Her foot gets injured.

Amitabh says your son has married that girl. We stopped him so much but he went to her. Now he might leave this house. Madhuri says he better. I don’t accept that girl and this marriage. I won’t let her enter this house. No one is going to give her place in this house or their thearts. Deepika says what will happen with Arjun brings her home after the match?

Scene 2
Sanjev says to Tina thank God we brought you here on time. Why did you give yourself so much pain. I will bring him to the mandap. He can’t break your heart. Love says he will have to marry you. Tina says I still love him, you all won’t be harsh on him. Please ask your men to come back. He says as you wish. Take care. Tina says I will ruin Diya’s life.

Arjun runs to Diya and says are you okay?It’s a sprain. He ties a cloth around her food. Arjun says Arjun get out of the court. You are a banned player. He says Diya is injured. Karan says there is a doctor for that. You’re not allowed inside the court. Arjun steps out. Diya gets up. Arjun nods at her. Diya says no pain can stop me from playing this match.

Madhuri says what should I do? Get out of the room and see the guests looking at me with questions? Dadi says Deepika you go and see the guests. She says Madhuri handle yourself. Accept the truth. Diya is Arjun’s wife and this house’s DIL now. MAdhuri says what? Because of her we are in this situation. Tina is in hospital.

She said she will go away from Arjun and she married him. Dadi says who said Bengali girl can’t learn rituals? All MILs teach their DILs like I taught you. Life isn’t in your control. You can’t change the destiney. Think about you. We did everything to stop Arjun from going to her but we couldn’t. Arjun hasn’t drank since she came to his life. MAdhuri says because of her he went back to badminton. I will never accept that girl.

Scene 3
Diya gets another point. She is at 17 and Ria at 12. Karan starts getting angry. Everyoen cheers for Diya. She wins the last point. Everyone stands up and claps for Diya. Arjun gets teary. Karan is angry. Diya wins the match. Arjun hugs Diya. Diya cries. Arjun says well done.

Scene 4
Mohan is worried for Diya. He says I don’t know what will happen when Diya goes to Arjun’s place. How will they behave with her? Mira says his mom never liked Diya. Mohan says I have complete trust in Arjun. But I don’t know if his family would accept her. Kaki says I said the same. They will never accept her. Arjit was better than Arjun. Marriage can only work if it’s done in the same class. Ajrun won’t say a word in front of his mom when she kicks Diya out. Mira says everything would be fine. Arjun is with Diya. Kaki says how well do you know him? He broke his own wedding too. He can leave Diya as well. The whole world saw what happened here.

Diya says Arjun we won. She cries. Arjun says you did it Diya. Congratulations. You defeated Karan. Arjun looks at Karan. Arjun says you arranged everything well. Money, power, security and all these efforts all went in vain. The oil that you put on the court didn’t work either. Now use that oil somewhere else. I mean the academy doors are noisy. 5 years ago you got be banned from badminton. Today is the answer to that day. That my wife, Diya Agarwal gave to you by winning this match. So Karan Mathur.. I am back. And this time I am not alone. Diya is with me as well. She will teach you a lesson. She will win state championship as well. You can’t stop Diya from winning. So see you in the next match. Don’t cry when you go home. Stop this girl if you can. They leave.


Rishton Ka Manjha 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amitabh says this girl isn’t even home yet and bad news have started coming in. No one will do her greh parvesh. Arjun comes in holding Diya and says welcome us Dadi.

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Telecast Date:16th October 2021
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