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Rishton Ka Manjha 14th September 2021 Mohan asks Meera if Diya is not at home? He goes to check her washroom but Diya comes out and asks what happened? Mohan says Sadna has come with a guy so come downstairs. Diya nods, he leaves. Meera says where were you? When did you come back? I was so worried. Diya says I jumped from the window. Meera says where did you go? Diya cries and looks away.

Madhuri and Deepika are looking around Arjun’s room. Madhuri says he left so early today, he never wakes up early. Khush says he might have gone to give the shoes to that girl. Madhuri says why does he keep going to that girl? I don’t like it, he is going to get married soon. Arjun comes there and says were you looking for something? He puts the shoes back. Madhuri says you didn’t give it to the girl? Arjun says that girl doesn’t want to play badminton anymore. He asks everyone to leave him alone, he locks his room and recalls Diya’s words that she won’t play badminton because she is getting married. Arjun says she is so stubborn so what happened to her suddenly?

Sadna introduces Ajit to Diya. Meera says my Diya brings happiness everywhere she goes. Sadna says we should ask about Diya’s choice. Meera says she is a shy girl but she likes Diya. Diya sadly looks away. Sadna says so the marriage is fixed.

Madhuri tells Deepika that Arjun was feeling down because he must have fought with that girl. Deepika says I feel he is getting very close to that girl. Khush says it means more stress? Madhuri says why does he keep going to meet that girl? I will go and meet her once. She asks Deepika to get ready also. Tina comes there and says I have to meet the girl for whom Arjun is buying gifts for. Niharika tole me everything. Khush says we should inform Arjun. Madhuri says I will go and meet that girl. Tina thinks that girl didn’t come to her sense even after I sent the police to her but now I will meet her myself.

Mohan tells his brother that now we will focus on the wedding. His brother says we can’t help you more, you have to arrange money for her marriage. Mohan says I have an FD for Diya’s marriage so don’t worry about money, his brother nods and leaves. Diya says if you spend all your savings on my wedding then how will you manage? Mohan says don’t worry, we will manage.

Arjun gets a call from Ragu kaka but Karan is on the call. Karan says I heard that someone from the academy is helping Arjun. Ragu says I didn’t do anything wrong. Karan tells him that you shouldn’t cross the line otherwise you will be on the roads soon.

Diya gets a letter and it’s the tournament cheque that she won. She tells Meera that you can give this cheque to baba. She says he won’t take it. Diya says it’s my hard-earned money and he needs it. Meera takes it and leaves.

Karan shouts at Ragu that you are helping Arjun and will lose everything. Arjun hears all that on the call.

Ragu calls Arjun and says we have to be careful. Arjun says I won’t let Karan win this time. Take care. He ends the call. Arjun recalls Diya saying she won’t play badminton anymore. Arjun says not anymore, I will bring Diya back to court now.

Niharika is spying on Arjun and thinks I have to do it for Tina. She stands in front of Arjun’s room. Khush comes there and says you look like a watchman. Niharika says I was just checking on Arjun, maybe he has an affair with that middle-class girl. Khush says you shouldn’t take the stress and take your beauty sleep. Niharika says I am getting wrinkles, I should sleep. She leaves. Khush doesn’t find Arjun in his room and thinks where would he go at this time?

Diya is in her room and sadly looks at her racket. Diya thinks it’s paining me so much today because I know I can’t play badminton anymore. She hears a noise and goes to check. She finds Arjun outside her window. She says what are you doing here? Arjun says I have to talk to you. Diya asks him to leave.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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