Rishton Ka Manjha 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Mohan tells Diya that now you have started hanging out who are drug addicts? Diya says you think I can do that? If that man was wrong then why would he help us? He brought you home that day. When I saw him in the academy, they were beating him so I had to stop them, I just helped him. Diya’s uncle says it’s not wrong to help but the way was wrong. He tells Mohan that it’s a big thing for the police to come to our house. I don’t think I can manage it anymore. Diya’s aunt says my daughter has to get married someday so we can’t bear this dishonor in the society. She asks Mohan to leave their house. Diya is stunned.

Arjun enters the badminton arena. He recalls his playing days. Ragu says nobody comes to this court in the academy, this is safe for you. Arjun says I feel like I am back at my home now. I will prepare to destroy Karan now. Ragu says I am thankful to see you like this. Arjun says thank you for making me meet my love again. We have to clean this place up. Ragu says I will do it.

Sadna comes to Mohan’s house and says I heard the police came looking for Diya? This news will go everywhere, the groom’s family got to know about that. Diya has become a news in this society. They have canceled the proposal. Diya says I was not wrong. Sadna says but your character has been maligned. She leaves. Mohan is angry and tells Meera to take Diya to her room.

The priest comes to the house to tell the marriage date. Tina tells Niharika that I am excited. Amitabh asks the priest to tell them a suitable date. The priest says 4th October is a good date for Arjun and Tina to get married. Madhuri says we will accept what the priest says. Amitabh says I will inform tina’s father. Niharika congratulates Tina. Tina gets a call from DIG who tells her that her work got done, that girl Diya won’t be seen with Arjun ever again. Tina smirks and says thank you, I am sending a small gift for you. DIG says I don’t need any gift, let me know if you need anything else.

Mohan brings Chinese food. Meera asks if he got the job? Mohan says I will get it soon, we should enjoy outside food sometime. Call everyone. Meera says your brother’s family slept. Mohan says we will eat it then. Meera says you didn’t need to spend this much money. Mohan says why not? The kids like it so I brought it. Meera says I know you are angry at Diya but you shouldn’t spend this much. Mohan says I don’t need to think for spending money on my family. Meera says you were angry earlier, is there any good news? Mohan says we will eat and then I will tell you the good news. Meera calls Bablu and Diya there. Diya is confused. Mohan says you are still angry at me? I scolded you today so I have brought Chinese food for you. They all sit down. Mohan serves food to Diya. Bablu says I love Chinese. Diya is about to eat it reluctantly but Mohan stops her. He shows her the poison bottle. Diya is stunned.

Madhuri tells servant Ramu to do all the housework. Deepika tells Madhuri to eat something. Madhuri says I am waiting for Arjun, I want to make him eat from my hands. Arjun comes there and says I always come back to you. Deepika asks Arjun to give his blazer for washing. Arjun says it’s in the car. Deepika gives his car keys to Ramu and asks him to bring his blazer. Arjun goes to his room. Madhuri says he didn’t even ask about his marriage date. Deepika says you know him. Ramu brings his blazer and says I found a packet also in his car. Deepika checks and says they are sports shoes. Niharika sees it. Deepika says these are ladies sports shoes. Madhuri is stunned. Niharika thinks he is up to something.

Mohan tells his family that we will eat this food together and then everything will go silent. Let’s all eat this, you won’t even taste the poison. Let’s just eat. Diya asks him to stop it, I just wanted to help you by getting a job at the academy. Mohan says all our troubles will end from tomorrow, everything will go silent. He is about to drink the poisonous cold-drink. Diya cries.


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