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Rishton Ka Manjha 11th October 2021 Kaka says everyone must have seen this photo. Mohan says my daughter’s life is ruined and I am the reason for it. I should die. He tries to kill himself by jumping in fire. Everyone stops him. He says let me die.

I was gonna ruin her life with the same fire. Arjun says stop it uncle what do you think? Would you dying make it easier for diya? She only cares about your happiness and health. You are her dream. I came here for her dream and love that she has for you. That photo proves nothing. When I came here I decided I will save her life.

Kaki says you are the reason of her life being ruined. Diya says enough kaki ma. Arjun isn’t worng. He let me fulfull my dream and stopped my marriage with a goon like Arjit. Was that his fault? I am not ashamed of my dream. We should be grateful to arjun. Mira says the price of your dream is in front of you. He will move on but the society will keep questioning you. He will get married but what about you? Arjun says in heart what has happened. Diyas life ruined. People will question her. It will happened because of me. How do I fix it?

Arjun thinks about his wedding. He recalls madhuri saying you will marry tina. Arjun thinks about his promise to Madhuri. He looks at Diya crying. Arjun says I will marry Diya: everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Karan prepares his referee. He says there is a match between ria and diya soon. He says what if you don’t get the best referee award. What if you don’t get it this year? We can refer you for two awards but we won’t be able to do that. He asks why? Arjun says I don’t want you to be honest. If you make Ria win I will load you with money. He says I am ready.

Scene 3
Arjun says yes I will marry you. I know a life partner has a lot of responsibilities but I promise you I will give her the happiness she deserves. My mom says a husband is a wife’s sky where she can fly. I don’t know how big of a sky I would be but she can always fly. Will you give her hand in my hand? Will you marry me to her? Diya says no.

Tina is on her way. Diya says why do you wanna marry me? Because you have sympathy for me? My parents are poor and my wedding called off. You must be blaming yourself and sympathizing me. You can’t see anyone’s pain. But you can only give me sympathy. I have to stand up for myself. I know my life won’t be easy.

People will talk and taunt. But who cares? My family is with me. My parents are with me and with them I can get through this and will do something for my dad which has always been my mission. My life is complete without marriage too. I don’t need anyone but myself. Can marriage work with sympathy? Diya walks away. Arjin says stop.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2021
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