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Rishton Ka Manjha 10th September 2021 Diya comes out of the badminton academy and thanks Arjun. He says I did what was fair but life is not fair. Do you think your path is clear now? They would rig everything at every stage. Will you be able to fight against this system? Diya says if you are with me then I will fight and win. Arjun says I am not with you, I had decided to not meet you again but Ragu kaka called me, I didn’t want your last hope to break that’s why I came but it’s your fight now. Diya says it’s our fight now because we both want Karan to lose, we both want badminton to win so I need your help in this fight. Arjun looks on.

Amitabh’s family sits to have pooja. Madhuri is stressed. The priest does pooja. Tina gets a call and goes from there. The call is from her uncle, he says soon the police will reach there. Tina says thanks for the favor.

Diya tells Arjun that you lost but still fighting. I didn’t know you are a champion Arjun Agarwal. I am new and still learning but you are a champion so you can make me win, will you train me? Please? Arjun looks on. He says fine, we will start the training before your match. He asks her to meet at the school garden tomorrow and be on time. Diya smiles and thanks him. Arjun drives away.

Amitabh asks Madhuri where is Arjun? What work he might have right now? Did you call him? Madhuri says he said it’s some urgent work. Amitabh says what if he fights with Karan again? I promised Khurrana that he won’t go to the academy again. Madhuri says don’t be so negative.

Arjun recalls Diya’s words that he is a champion and should train her. He starts drinking and tries move his muscles like he did when he used to play.

Dadi tells Madhuri that Arjun was not in the pooja today? Madhuri says he had some work. Tina says let me call him. She calls Arjun. He takes the call and asks when we are getting married? Tina says we all are waiting for you. Arjun says you can fix the date, I won’t be able to come today. He ends the call. Tina tells Niharika that he sounded happy, he asked me to fix the date. Amitabh says let’s talk to the priest then. Madhuri tells Dadi will Arjun be happy after marrying Tina? I am just worried.

Mohan asks Meera to call Diya, I am worried about her. The doorbell rings, Mohan opens it to find the police there. They ask if Diya is here? Mohan says no but what happened? The inspector comes in the house and says your daughter is up to something. He shows Diya’s video to Mohan in which she is fighting with the media to protect Arjun. Everyone is shocked. Meera says she didn’t tell us. The inspector says your daughter was protecting a drunk man in the academy and he is a banned player. Mohan says she is a badminton player and she is not like that. The inspector says she was supporting a person who was banned due to drugs abuse. You should control your girl.

Madhuri asks Deepika to call Arjun and ask him to come home. Deepika calls Arjun. Arjun says everyone is missing me? Madhuri says your wedding date is getting fixed so come home please. Arjun says okay, I am coming in a bit. He ends the call. Madhuri says he sounded happy so I am scared.

The inspector tells Mohan that his daughter will dishonored so think of getting her married now. If Diya is seen with Arjun again then I will arrest her. He leaves from there. Diya’s aunt says this girl has been fooling us, I saw her with that guy yesterday also. We will be shamed in this society now. Diya comes home and asks what happened? You all are silent? Mohan glares at her and says the police came to ask about you. We saw the video and now we know where you have been going. You were trying to protect the guy who was banned for drugs, I tried trusting you again but you broke it. Diya is hurt hearing that.

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