Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 9th October 2020 Dulari says I have seen in many movies, thieves hide in the washroom. She comes to the washroom and sees Ram there. Dulari is shocked there. Koyal says jeja ji you here? How did you come here? Dulari says what are you doing in Koyal’s washroom. Irfan says how did you come here? How is Dulari here? Koyal says didi came here for me. Irfan says he also came here for you. Ram says I came to tell Koyal that.. Irfan says that the curly hair thief is here. He caught the thief. Dulari says how did you reach before us? Irfan says take the thief to police station. Irfan’s guy jumps in the washroom. Irfan says I will take him to police station.

Dulari says I made a mistake by asking Ram how did he get here? He must be thinking I am doubting her. Ram says in heart what is she thinking? I have to ask. They both ask can’t sleep? Dulari says Irfan was saying there is not thief. But then when the thief was caught, he changed his stance. Ram says if husband is found in another girl’s restroom it’s weird. She says husband was caught with the thief not the girl. He says what would wife do if he was found with the girl? She says I will always trust you. You must be there to fix her tap. Ram says that’s why I love you so much. I can give my life for you. Dulari says what are you saying. Don’t say that, I will kill you. He laughs and says please do.

Scene 2
Apples fall from Dulari’s hand and her photo with Ram falls down. Radha says this isn’t right. Something wrong is going to happen. Dulari says don’t say that.

Irfan says I have solution to all the problems but wedding. That’s why I am still single. Ram says problem is with us men. We make mistakes. I feel like I will blast like a cylinder. Koyal comes and says Ram ji please come here. Ram says yes? Dulari looks at them. She says what is Ram doing there? Koyal says your stuff is left in this house. Dulari says he must be talking about some parlour appointment. I trust him. Ram says what stuff? Koyal says answer to your letter. She says you ruined my life, so I came to ruin yours as well. but I changed my decision. I will do something else now. Ram says what are you saying?She says I will marry you. Ram says what are you saying? She says truth. Since I have seen all women falling for you and Dulari trusting you, I am your fan. Get ready for the wedding. Ram says please.. She locks the door. Ram is worried.

Scene 2
Dulari buys vegetables. Rekha cries. A girl asks why are you crying? She says my cousin ran with a girl. He was married, a new girl in the neighborhood trapped him. Dulari recalls Koyal. Another girl says yes another man fell in love with a neighbor. Girls steal husbands. Dulari is worried.

Dulari says why do I feel like I can relate to their stories? But my husband loves me a lot. Please give me a signal. Bell rings. It’s Koyal. Koyal says why are you looking at me like this? She says I gave you space in my heart but you want to steal my husband Ram? Koyal says what are you saying didi. I don’t want to steal your husband.

But maybe your husband wants to steal me? Dulari says don’t call me didi. Tell me why do you want to steal my husband? You want to ruin my house? She says get out. It’s Patan. He says didi what are you doing? She was imagining. He says you were kicking me out of the house. Dulari says my mind was somewhere else. Did papa kick you out again? He says can’t I come to meet my sister? She says I know you very well. Patan says who is Didu? Dulari says I don’t know any didu, I don’t even know that there’s a new girl in this house and not that she lives right across our house. He says you can’t hide anything from me. Tell me what is it? Is there any problem? She says why would there be a problem? My Ram is very decent. He says no one is decent. Dulari says if you can’t respect my husband then get out. He says I will go out and come back too. Because I am your brother, but husband leaves and never comes back. I got you a news. Dulari says tell me. He says there’s a book. It has solution to save houses and keeping husbands in contro. If you don’t believe I can leave. He drops the book. Dulari picks. She reads 101 ways to control husband.

Dulari says books like these are sold for Rs. 5. He says return my book? You are disrespecting it. It’s out of stock. 2 girls wrote their testimonials as well. My husband who was like Ram was found in a neighbors bathroom. I controlled him after that. Dulari says that happened with me as well.

Koyal comes there. Dulari says I was thinking about you. Koyal says I came to ask if there was anything wrong between you and jeja ji after last night? She says no Ram’s love is like phenyl. He kills all insects of doubts. Koyal says I hope there’s no evil eye on your love. Patan says I am their love’s kala teeka. Dulari says he’s my brother Patang. Koyal says I am Koyal, better not fly in front of me. I can cut you. Koyal leaves. She says better be a teeka. She leaves. Patang says she doesn’t look right. Read this book and control her. Dulari says in heart Ram was found in her washroom not her arms. He says read the book at least. Dulari says why should I? Patang says where is jeja ji? She says in parlour. Dulari says how can I use all these tricks on Ram. I have to save Ram from outside eyes.


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