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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 8th October 2020 Ram says I have to be careful. He makes a plan and says I can never let Dulari go away from me. Duilari says how can I go? She says I am going to the market. How can I go without wearing your favorite color? He says every color looks good on you. He chooses one and Dulari leaves.

Ram goes to Koyal’s place. Irfan says wo he’s on his journey. Koyal says how did you come here? Ram says I wanted to say something. She says say the three magical words. He says not here, inside. She says those are three magical words? Ram goes in. Dulari says Rami what are you doing here? She’s there. Ram is scared. He looks back. Ram says Dulru. I came to Bidu’s place to look for you. Koyal says you’re lying but you said you will tell me what’s in your heart. He says my wife is here. Dulari says I didn’t tell him that I am going to the market with you. Ram says okay Dulru go. Koyal says take care.

Scene 2
Radha says I write in my letter, the day I find my love, I will write him a letter. Ram says what a suggestion. Radha says poor Dulari. She doesn’t even know what’s happening with her.

Ram walks towards Koyal’s house. He’s scared of the people. Ram jumps in from the back window. He says bhagwan you scared me. He says I came to write a letter here. I hope she leaves and understands. He writes Koyal, I hope you understand my situation. You think I cheated on you but the truth is after my family proposed you, I saw Dulari at a wedding and fell in love with her. Dulari and Koyal are coming there. Ram jumps out.

Dulari and Koyal enter the house. Ram goes after them. Dulari is about to pick the letter. Ram says Dulari it isn’t okay to read someone’s letters. Irfan says he will win olympics. He says let’s go. I had to talk to. Dulari says but Bidu is ours. Koyal says didi I have divided everything. Dulari says there’s a letter for you. She says there’s no ticket. Who would write me a letter? Dulari says maybe you have a lover in this Ram says Shetan dewta? Koyal says yes you ask him for something and its inverse happens. You should ask as well. Dulari says read the letter.

Koyal reads, understand my situation. You think I cheated on you. I didn’t cheat on you, I still love you. I never left you. Due to a problem I couldn’t own you. I love you. I still love you. I am married but I can leave my wife for you. Dulari says how can a married man love someone else? Koyal says love is love. Right jeja ji?
Scene 2
Ram sits with Irfan. He says please tell me what to d now? Irfan says you can’t do anything in the day. Go at the night and explain her that you are married now and you can’t be with her.

Dulari cooks for Ram. She sings for him, The same song plays at Koyal’s place. Dulari says how is our song playing at Bidu’s place? Ram says I am sleepy. He sleeps. Dulari sleeps as well. Ram goes out and sneaks towards Koyal’s place. Koyal screams thief. Everyone comes outside. Ram shows Koyal his face. Irfan says is there a thief inside? Dulari comes and says let’s go in. There’s a thief in Bidu’s place. Irfan says no no. We were confused. Let’s go and sleep. Dulari says what if there’s an actual thief?

Koyal says are you here to steal my heart? Ram says please don’t ruin my married life. Please go from here. I didn’t cheat on you. Dulari says Bidu open the door? Are you okay? Dulari comes in. Ram hides. Dulari looks around for the thief.


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Dulari finds Ram in Koyal’s washroom. She says what are you doing here? Koyal says jeja ji when did you come?

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Telecast Date:8th October 2020
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