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Rajjo 3rd November 2022 Madhu placing the Kalash back in the temple. Chirag tells Arjun that something is fishy. Arjun recalls Rajjo warning him about Urvashi and her intentions. Urvashi blames Rajjo in her mind and decides to take revenge.

Rajjo sulks in the washroom while washing the clothes. Urvashi throws clothes at her and warns her that she will ask Arjun to leave Sheru in the jungle. Rajjo shows her the thapi and says that it can wash clothes and break bones as well.

Urvashi confesses in front of Rajjo that she loves Arjun and his money too. She says she can’t stoop to her level to do menial jobs. She is about to continue but Rajjo smashes the clothes with thapi so hard that the detergent mix splashes on Urvashi’s face too. She leaves in anger.

Pushkar makes fun of Urvashi and asks her about the money lender aka her uncles. Urvashi gets irritated but then gets hold of her and asks him to help her with money so that she can pay them.

Pushkar tells her to send the money lenders to his office and asks her not to make it a habit to beg in front of him. He says that she can make Rajjo cry as much as she wants but warns her to stay away from Kalindi or else he will never be able to become the daughter-in-law of this house. He says he has the plan to create differences between Rajjo and Arjun.

Rajjo is hanging the clothes on the terrace when she sees Arjun looking at her. Arjun walks to her while Tere Liye plays in the background. Rajjo asks if he wants to say something. Arjun stutters and tries to say something but Rajjo asks him to leave. Something falls in Rajjo’s eyes and Arjun tries to remove it. Urvashi sees all this and rages to see Arjun fall for Rajjo. She decides to take help from Pushkar.

Kaka calls Rajjo and tells her that the doctors are taking her mother out for physio. Rajjo says that she will be there after finishing the chores.

Urvashi asks Arjun if he saw what Rajjo does outside the house. Arjun says that she is doing nothing wrong as is just selling milk and newspaper. She sees Rajjo going outside the house and tells Arjun that she is going out again. Arjun says that she is going to meet her mother in the hospital who is in a coma. He asks Urvashi to come with him and check if Rajjo is saying the truth. Urvashi sends a voice note to Pushkar telling him that Arjun has left.

Rajjo goes to the hospital and sees her mother in a wheelchair without an oxygen mask. The doctor says that she needs fresh air too and they have brought her outside for physio. He tells Rajjo that she will have to pay 2 lakhs for her treatment. Kaka gets shocked and says where will they get the money from. Raajo assures him that she will do the needful and reminds him of the time when her mother got out in the rain to get medicine for her jaundice.

Arjun and Urvashi are driving toward the hospital. Urvashi tells him that she enquired in the hospital but the receptionist knows no one by the name of Manorama. She adds that Manorama came to the hospital for just one day that too for a regular check-up. She got Manorama’s address from the hospital and now she is taking him to her house.


Rajjo 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun punches the punching bag furiously. Rajjo tries to stop him and asks him not to be obsessed with the race. Urvashi comes in. Arjun says that he will win the race and will also marry Urvashi.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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