Raja Beta 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update


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Raja Beta 15th August 2019 Episode Start With Vedant sitting on a park bench and is shattered over the happenings. He lie down on the bench and sleeps. Ramesh asks Pankhudi what is her plan? She asks why did you make Jeevan Rekha as the charity hospital and says they will fetch a lot of money from the patients and even for the advice. She says Jeevan Rekha will be multispeciality hospital. Ramesh smiles. Pankhudi says whatever charity Vedant used to do will be closed. Sanju says a lot of money is needed to make it multispeciality hospital and lot of doctors and machines are needed. She says we will take much money and we will admit the patient even for fever and cold. Sanju says Patient will lose money and sings song. Ramesh says I will go and make arrangements to make Gudadi lal, an orphan again. Sanju says you did all planning and telling that marriage may or may not happen. Pankhudi says plan can change. Sanju tells that they know each other secrets. Pankhudi asks him to promise to love her more than Vedant did with Purva. he says yes and dances with her. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant will not stand on his feet again. Sanju says even you are excited. Pankhudi makes an irritated face dancing with her.

Manjula comes to Dadi and says she is not much educated and don’t know much, but love for her means to cook for her family and that she can’t give to Purva and Vedant. She says she will not cook food for Vedant and Purva. Dadi says food will not be made in Sanjeevani Sadan. Manjula asks if she will forgive Vedant. Dadi says Vedant has broken my trust, but whoever comes here can’t be go hungry. Manjula says ok and goes. Dadi looks at Purva crying.

Vedant wakes up on the park bench. He wants towards the gardener and washes his face. A patient’s husband sees him and tells his son that Vedant’s pic was in their temple as he saved him when two doctors couldn’t save him.

Gomti tells that she is waiting for Vedant and Rahul to see the tamasha. sumiti says all drama happened today. Purva comes to have food. Gomti asks her to eat food at bhandara. Sumiti says my daughter is better to be called as behenji rather than giving away her respect at the hands of her boyfriend. Purva comes to the room and cries thinking of Vedant. Chadariya song plays……Pankhudi comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. She asks her to pack her stuff and says time has come to leave from here. Purva gets up and takes off her sarees from the cupboard. Song plays….Chadariya…They come out of room.

Purva and Pankhudi come to hall. Manjula goes seeing Purva. Purva sits to have food. She has a bit of food and drinks water. She says sorry to Manjula and touches her feet. Manjula doesn’t bless her and looks on. Rahul comes there calling Vedant as per Pankhudi’s plan. He says you have done wrong by killing my baby and asks him to come out. Vedant comes from outside and says I am here. He asks him to talk to him. Rahul says I will file case against you and you will lose this house and jeevan rekha to fight this case. Ramesh says this house and jeevan rekha is not of Vedant, but of Amma. Rahul says he is Amma’s grandson. Ramesh says he was picked from gutter and now will be thrown back there. He says we have nothing to do with him and Purva. Sanju thinks Papa is reading all the script well. Rahul says he is your son legally. Ramesh says we will disowned him and is not responsible for his wrong doings. Rahul asks Purva to come with him and says we will fulfill our dreams. Sanju signs Ramesh. Purva asks Rahul to go from there. Rahul says I am going as my Purva asked me. He says if I come to know that Vedant has connection with Tripathis then you all will be gone. Narendra says he said right and says if we have any relation with Vedant then have to face the punishment for his sins. Dadi and Vedant looks sad. Vedant tells Pankhudi that he was trapped and they all are thinking him wrong. Sanju asks him to keep her away from this matter and asks him to go. He says if you stay here then will drown all the family members and says don’t go to hospital, it is not yours now. Vedant comes to Purva. Purva says I am going to my Nani’s house and asks him not to come there. She says we will not talk anymore and says you will not talk even with my sister. She asks Pankhudi to come and they leave.


Raja Beta 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi asks Vedant to do penance. Vedant asks if God will forgive him. Dadi says may be.


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