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Raja Beta 11th July 2019 Episode Start With Vedant giving mp3 player with Purva’s favorite songs. Purva tells that when you are in love, you understand about the likes and dislikes of the other person. Vedant smiles. He excuses himself. Purva thinks she shall gift him something and shall ask Pankhudi. Sanju comes to Pankhudi and asks why she is helping Ramesh to get revenge from Vedant and says she was concerned for Vedant before. He says if he was important before and not anymore. Pankhudi thinks she didn’t think that foolish Sanju will ask this and thinks how to fool him. He asks Pankhudi if she is taking revenge on Vedant and says I feel that you love him. She says you should be a writer. She says she wants to be Maharani and not naukrani. She says she doesn’t want Vedant’s kids to born and snatch their rights.

She says I always think about you, but you doubt on me. She says if you don’t want then can break the alliance. Sanju apologizes to her for doubting on her and goes. Dadi is worried about Purva and Vedant. Manjula asks why are you worried for them and not others. Dadi says she is concerned as Purva is pregnant. Manjula says Vedant will take care of his wife. Dadi says we have a family history of low BP during pregnancy. Manjula says Vedant is not our blood. Dadi shouts Manjula…Manjula apologizes and goes crying. Gomti tells Dadi that Manjula is losing her patience and this might storm the house and break it.

Purva calls Pankhudi and says she wants to ask her something. She says now our misunderstandings is cleared. Pankhudi asks her to tell. Purva says he has taken a big step for me and asks her to tell what gift she shall gift him so that he can use in his profession. Pankhudi gets upset and says I will tell you later. She cries and says why Vedant, why did you do this for a selfish woman. She comes out and asks if their motive is same. She asks them to tell what Vedant is having which will ruin him. Ramesh says Sanjeevani Sadan. Sanju says Jeevan Rekha. Rahul says his name, fame and respect.

Pankhudi says we shall target Jeevan Rekha first, then Dadi shall kick him out and then his respect. She says Vedant will be punished for snatching Rahul’s love, uncle’s wealth and Sanju, my would be husband’s strength and rights. She says I am with you all in your fight of revenge. They all say cheers.

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