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RadhaKrishn 9th November 2021 Kaptasur gets angry seeing his pushpakvimaan/flying vehicle missing and questions soldiers. Balram asks why did he gather soldiers here. Kaptasur says he was scolding soldiers but Balram is the main problem as being an army chief he couldn’t protect his vimaan and feels ashamed of his army chief. Balram shatters hearing his brother humiliating him.

Kaptasur continues humiliating him and asks him to learn to follow his duty soon. On the other side, Shalv ets happy seeing his vimaan coming and pulls sword out to kill Kaptasur. He sees soldiers instead and asks where is Kaptasur. Soldiers inform that Radha gave this vimaan and warns him to stay away from Krishna. Shalv realizes that Radha knows Kaptasur is not Krishna and decides to kill Kaptasur first.

Radha noticing Krishna’s peacock feather follows it. She reaches Krishna sitting on a swinger on sky waiting for her. Krishna extends his hand and makes her sit next to him. She asks what is he doing here. He says waiting for her and can forever, she saw that Kaptasur disguising like him couldn’t become like him.

She says there is Krishna in everyone. He says his seed is in everyone, but everyone cannot become like him just like all seeds cannot become a tree; Kaptasur will never change and even Dau suspects him seeing his rude behavior. Radha says he will change for sure and walks away.

Radha returns to Dwarka and sees soldiers searching something. Balram orders soldiers to search vimaan even outside Dwarka and inform him soon. Kaptasur walks to him and humiliates him again. Radha enters and warns him to stop insulting Dau as she knows where is vimaan. He snaps fingers and sends everyone out.

She says she gifted it to someone as it was necessary, will he trust her or get angry on her like he got angry on others. He says he trusts her immensely. She asks him to do her task then. He says he can give his life for her. She says giving life is easy but giving respect is difficult. He agrees.

Balram tells Anirudh that he feels Krishna’s doppelganger is with them. Kaptasur enters and says he is a doppelganger. Balram asks who is he. He starts acting guilty for insulting his brother in anger and apologizes him. Balram hugs and forgives him and says he knew his brother can make mistake and only he can apologize. Kaptasur says Radha made him realize his mistake. Balram says he is seen a special love in his eyes for Radha. Kaptasur says he will see it always.

Radha returns to Krishna and asks if he is watching future. Krishna says neither past or future, he is watching present. She asks how. He says a gush of air, her presence, etc. is present. She says Kaptasur is changing, he apologized Dau and will develop Krishna’s qualities soon. He says Kaptasur will continue to make mistakes. She says he will end Kaptasur’s kapat/evilness.

Kaptasur feels proud of his kapat and thinks he will get Radha forever. Krishna shows fire to Radha and says just like fire’s quality is to burn, Kaptasur’s quality is to kapat and will never change. Radha challenges him that Kaptasur will change for sure and returns to Dwarka. Kaptasur walks to her thinking she is so beautiful and asks if she called him. She says she wants to prepare kheer with him. He gets tensed thinking she will identify him.


RadhaKrishn 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna plays bansuri. Radha offers him kheer. Kaptasur gets jealous seeing that and determines to kill Krishna before poornima.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


Radha Krishna Details

Radha Krishna is an Mythology Show on Star Bharat which is being created by Swastik Productions, creators of famous mythological demonstrates like Shani, Mahakali, Shankar Jai Kishan and Porus.The show will supplant channel’s political dramatization Saam Daam Dand Bhed.Radha Krishna cast will include new performers Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar in lead parts of Radha and Krishna separately.Radha and Krishna taught the whole universe to defien love .

Cast : 

Reena Kapoor
Madirakshi Mundle
Mallika Singh
Rushiraj Pawar
Siddharth Arora
Sumedh Mudgalkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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