RadhaKrishn 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update


RadhaKrishn 30th November 2019 Written Episode Update, RadhaKrishn Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

RadhaKrishn 30th November 2019 Episode Start With Krishna reaches dhanush/bow and calls Mahadev. Mahadev emerges. Krishna says Mahadev gifted this dhanush to Kans for his protection and he wants his permission to break it. Mahadev says Krishna himself got this gift to Kans via him and made him reveal Radha that if a lover chants one’s love’s name, their love will be immense and immortal, and he himself made him tell Kans that Narayan will break it, he can go ahead and break dhanush. Krishna breaks dhanush while Abhinav notices in surprise and says Krishna broke dhanush. Krishna signals him. Abhinhav says he broke dhanush. Krishna revives time back.

Kutila hears Krishna’s name and thinks since she forced Radha to follow mounvrat, she is hearing only Krishna’s name. She asks Radha to break her mounvrat, but continues hearing Krishna’s name. Radha says if she understands love, she will also chant Krishna. Kutila shouts why will she.

Mathura people discus that Abhinav broke Dhanush, that means Narayan stays in him. Kans finds out that his divya dhanush is broken and shouts who broke it. His guards inform that a kid broke it. Kans calls Abhinav and asks if he broke divya dhanush. Balram asks Krishna what will happen now. Krishna says kids are pure hearted and he will tell truth. Abhinav says he broke dhanush. Akroor laughs and says it is a sign that Kans’ end is nearing and Krishna himself has sent him an invitation for a wrestling match, so Kans should organize a big wrestling match and fight with Krishna. Kans announces about a grand wrestling match and says either Krishna or he will die in it. Krishna says tathastu, as Mamasri wishes.

Kans’s messenger delivers wrestling invitation to Barsana. Radha reads it and happily says she knew Kans would do something amazing. Yashoda asks her to let her also read it and says there is an invitation for wrestling match and she is sure Krishna will win. Kutila says Kans is very powerful and her brother Ayan who got trained in Mathura told he has powers of whole universe and can smash anyone. Ayan says Kans is born with super powers and nobody could stand in front of him till now, he will smash Krishna like a flower under his feet, so Krishna should be afraid of Kans. Yashoda gets worried for Krishna and prays Narayan to protect her son. Radha consoles her and says maybe Ayan is right that Kans is most powerful, but Krishna has Barsana and Vrindavan’s blessings and he lifted govardhan mountain and forced Indra to stop rain, he can develop love in anyone’s heart with his bansuri and maybe Kans can smash whole universe, but Krishna can protect anyone with his love.


RadhaKrishn 2nd December November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Kans orders to burn whole Mathura and punish people who support Krishna. Krishna says tonight is Kans’ end.


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