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RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2021 Krishna announces its Radha’s birthday today and Radha came on earth this day. He snaps his fingers freezing time. Radha gets emotional thinking she doubted Krishna wrongly. Krishna shows her uneven pots and other stuff from their youth days and giving her a stick asks her to beat him for troubling her and due to his sins, she cannot return to Golok and stay with him here.

She gets more emotional. He says he wants her to love him like before and snaps his fingers back unfreezing time. Gopis seeing Radha happy think they can celebrate now. Krishna gets Radha ready from his hands and takes her to sky where Mahadev and Gauri greet them. Radha asks why is this place dark. Krishna says its dark without Radha’s love, so he will entertain her and make her love him again.

He plays bansuri and dances for her. She remembers Gandhari’s curse and dream of his death and thinks how can she be happy seeing his death dream. He thinks he should stop her worries and make her love him again.

Sam reaches guru Shukracharya and confronts him that his plan failed and Krishna reunited Yaduvanshis. Shukracharya says its Gandhari’s curse, a mother curse can never fail; he cannot kill Krishna as someone else will kill Krishna with his weapon. Sam asks him to tell who is it so that he can meet him. Shukracharya says he needs time to test that person first.

Radha and Rukmini visit Devaki’s room and discuss why mata Devaki called them. Devika enters and says she is happy to see them as Krishna was very happy yesterday on Radha ashtami/birthday. Radha remembers Krishna telling only Radha’s love keeps him happy. Radha says Krishna himself arranged her birthday celebrations. Rukmini sees feast arranged and asks what are her plans.

Devaki says let Krishna come. Krishna enters and says there is something which he didn’t do it for her yet. Krishna says he did everything for her. Radha says Devaki is lucky to have a son like Krishna. Devaki says she saw Krishna only once when he was born, Devika experienced his childhood and saw him laughing and crying; she describes all the incidents where Krishna freed her from Kans’ torture and he did a lot for her, but she couldn’t experience his childhood at all and wants to experience it now. He asks what he should do. She asks him to break a high hanging pot.

He says its difficult for her and he used to break it with his friend’s help. She says when he can bring stars for Radha, why can’t he break pot for her. She gets sad. Radha says Krishna is joking. Krishna says all 3 women present here want to see him happy and magnifying himself with his superpowers breaks pot. They all 3 get happy seeing that.


RadhaKrishn 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna promises Devaki that he will fulfill all her wishes. Radha asks what if Devaki wants him to return to Golok as she cannot see him dying. Krishna says his mother would never have an illegal demand and if she repeats this, she will see his different form.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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