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RadhaKrishn 21st September 2021 Gopis inform Radha and Rukmini think that Mahadev and Devi Gauri denied to attend Krishna’s function and other gods denied seeing their denial, so Krishna is very sad. Radha gets sad hearing that. Krishna asks why she looks sad. Radha says he made festival arrangements, but gods are not coming. He hopes she wouldn’t have wished to spoil his festival, what will he do if gods don’t attend his function. Radha thinks she cannot see tears in Krishna’s eyes and will organize his festival.

She prays Mahadev that she unknowingly wished that gods don’t attend Krishna’s function, she can’t see Krishna’s tears and wants all gods to attend his function. Mahadev smiles and thinks Krishna organized her birthday celebration and acts that he will not attend function as it made Gauri cry. Gauri says she is fine and they will attend function.

Balram sees Somdev’s soldiers getting r3eady for war and gets angry for disobeying Krishna’s orders. Somdev asks Sam why did he orders soldiers for a war. Sam says he wants war to fulfill his motto. Anirudh tells Bhaldev that Balram will reach here anytime and free her. Bhaldev gets angry and orders his soldiers for a war. Balram confronts Sam and Somdev for disobeying him and waging war without his permission.

Rukmini asks Radha why did she invite gods for function. Radha says she cannot see Krishna crying. Their discussion continues when Pradyumna informs Radha that Yaduvanshi leader Bhaldev has captured Anirudh and waged war against them. Radha asks how can Krishna organize celebration when Anirudh’s life is in danger. Sam on the other side tells Balram that he is worried for his dynasty and Anirudh,

so he ordered for a war. Balram says he feels laughing hearing this from a person who conspired to kill his father and drown Dwarka. Krishna orders Nishant to write a peaceful letter to Yaduvanshis. Nishant asks how can he when Anirudh is captured. Pradyumna enters next and complains. Krishna gives moral gyaan. Radha with Rukmini enters and asks him to keep his moral gyaan with him and cancel his festival. Krishna assures that Anirudh will return home before festival and will be present in celebration.

Sam and Somdev deny to obey Balram. Balram asks if they will obey Krishna at least. Somdev says Krishna is in Dwarka. Balram reads Krishna’s message inviting Somdev to represent Yaduvanshis in his function. Somdev gets happy hearing that.


RadhaKrishn 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna informs today is love day, meaning Radha ashtami/birthday and dancing with her says today its a beginning of their endless love.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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