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RadhaKrishn 1st April 2021 Suryadev tells other gods that he is sure that Sri Krishna is having a solution for their problem. Radha asks Krishna why don’t he tell what is the solution for this problem instead of standing silently. Krishna thinks he doesn’t have any solution at all. Gods emerge. Krishna walks to them and says he cannot help them and even told same to Indradev. Radha walks to them. Suryadev requests her to convince Krishna to stop Shankchurn’s terror as only he can help them. Krishna informs that he has to spoil Tusli’s meditation and make her fall in someone else’s love. Radha asks how can Devi Tulsi fall in someone else’s love. Shankchurn returns home. Tulsi greets him and washes his feet. Suryadev says Tulsi’s love for Shankchurn is very pure and only Krishna can make her fall in his love. Krishna says he cannot do that and asks gods to go back. Suryadev requests Radha to convince Krishna.

Shankchurn tells Tulsi that he wants to spend some time with her and have food with her, then he will go back on war. Tulsi says she knows his mind, so she arranged food for him already. He says her love makes his mind calm after a day’s fierce war. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev how can such pious Tulsi love Shankchurn and who can make her fall on his love. Mahadev says only Krishna can make her fall in his love and will Radha allow him. Radha asks Krishna to go and help devtas as anyone would get attracted to him and she doesn’t mind him going away from her for some time as she loves him forever. He asks how can he make a married woman love him. She says she has to make Tulsi realize that blind love is not real love. He asks what if he falls in Tulsi’s love. She says this can never happen, he can teach and share love but cannot love anyone else than her, but if he thinks so she has to think. He asks if she is doubting him. She says she will make some arrangement which will remind him of her always.

Tulsti tells Shankchurn that she will sit in meditation till he returns from war and will not open her eyes. He leaves and she sits in meditation with closed eyes. Devtas discuss how will devi Tulsi see Krishna now. Krishna asks Radha if she doesn’t fear that he will fall in Tulsi’s love and will be wit hh here. She says if that happens, her anklet will remind him of her. She ties her anklet to his bansuri and says even if he gets close to Tulsi, this anklet will alert him and she trusts her anklet sound. He asks what if he gets attracted to tulsi and doesn’t listen to anklet sound. She says Tusli will fall in his love immediately and will not take time. Krishna says he will not go in front of Tulsi in this form as love doesn’t demand beauty and he will go in front of her in a form which she loves most.

Krishna disguised as Shankchurn walks to Tulsi and asks her to open her eyes. She gets happy seeing him. He says he wants to spend time with her, experience her love, and know how she spends time in his absence. She gets very happy and says she just wants to say that she loves him immensely forever. Their eyes meet, and she always away shyingly. Shankchurn turn turns back to Krishna hearing Radha’s anklet sound. Radha says she told him. He says he remembers.

Shankchurn with his army reaches suryalok again and challenges gods that he will win even that and defeat all gods. Suryadev warns that he won Indradev but cannot win Suryalok. He asks Agnidev and Vayudev to attack Shankchurn with full powers as Krishna has gone to lure Tulsi. Shankchurn overpowers gods. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna has gone to Tulsi in Shankchurn’s form whom she loves immensely, then how will he spoil her determination for Shankchurn. Mahadev hopes Krishna succeeds in it. Tulsi serves food to Shankchurn happily. Shankchurn/Krishna asks what makes her love him so immensely. She says he is immensely powerful, but deeply loves only her and his love for her in his eyes is seen clearly, which means her attracted to him. He says he will take her on his dynasty tour. She excitedly says she will enjoy it a lot and walks away. Shankchurn turns back to Krishna and thinks now she will realize Shankchurn’s reality and then she has to decide herself.


RadhaKrishn 2nd April 2021 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna fixes necklace inn Tulsi’s neck. Radha gets jealous seeing Tulsi falling in Krishna’s love and goes there disguised. Shankchurn returns and shouts who insulted his throne.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


Radha Krishna Details

Radha Krishna is an Mythology Show on Star Bharat which is being created by Swastik Productions, creators of famous mythological demonstrates like Shani, Mahakali, Shankar Jai Kishan and Porus.The show will supplant channel’s political dramatization Saam Daam Dand Bhed.Radha Krishna cast will include new performers Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar in lead parts of Radha and Krishna separately.Radha and Krishna taught the whole universe to defien love .

Cast : 

Reena Kapoor
Madirakshi Mundle
Mallika Singh
Rushiraj Pawar
Siddharth Arora
Sumedh Mudgalkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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