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RadhaKrishn 16th September 2021 Radha remembers Krishna telling her that he dreamt of Gopis serving him, but she was not present. She thinks she will fulfill Krishna’s dream. She walks to Golok and imagines time spent with Krishna there; she thinks Golok is incomplete without Krishna. Gopis greet her and ask where is Krishna. She says Krishna needs them. They ask why Krishna needs them when she is with him.

She says Krishna dreamt about Gopis serving him, but she was not present there. They say Krishna must have joked. She says Krishna doesn’t joke with her, he wants to love her, but she denied; she wants them to come to Dwarka and serve Krishna. They agree and accompany her. Krishna senses Gopis entering Dwarka. Gopis greet him and serve him. He ignores Radha purposefully and then asks when did she come.

Gopis say Radha came with them. Krishna says he dreamt about Gopis preparing kheer and serving him and asks Radha not to teach them to prepare kheer like she taught Rukmini as he wants to experience different tastes. Radha leaves. Krishna thinks there is a lot in store for her.

Radha walks to kitchen. Rukmini asks if she came to take Krishna’s food. Radha says Krishna doesn’t need them both. Rukmini says Krishna loves Radha. Gopis walk in. Rukmini asks what are Gopis doing here. Radha says Krishna asked Gopis to prepare kheer and butter for him, he doesn’t needs us now.

Gopis asks Rukmini and Radha to go out as they will take care of Krishna’s food from hereon. Rukmini gets angry and asks who are they to order her. They say Krishna ordered them. Mahadev watching that thinks even all gods will visit Dwarka to celebrate Radha’s birthday.

Balram with Sam and Anirudh visits Yaduvanshis. Their leader greets and respects Anirudh and Sam and insults Balram. Balram gets angry thinking is important in Dwarka after Krishna, but is being humiliated here. Rukmini visits Krishna to complain against Gopis, but Krishna says he wants to meet Gopis and walks away. Rukmini fumes thinking Krishna really doesn’t need her and Radha and is fond of Gopis.

Gopis serve kheer to Krishna. Krishna praises them and says nobody can prepare so many types of kheer and decorate dining room so beautifully. Rukmini and Radha get jealous seeing that. At night, Yaduvanshi leader wakes up Sam and Anirudh and informs that a few yauvanshis have gone against them, so he wants them both to handle the situation with talks as Balram always wants to fight first. Sam encourages Anirudh. Anirudh asks what if he is captivated. Sam says he is Krishna’s grandson and nobody can harm him. Anirudh agrees. Sam smirks seeing his plan working.


RadhaKrishn 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna brings kheer for Radha.Radha walks away asking him to be happy with Gopis. Krishna thinks she will be happy seeing her birthday celebration. Sam makes yaduvanshis fight to end Krishna.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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