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RadhaKrishn 14th January 2021 Krisha disguised as Gopal explains Radha route for Adyiogi’s ashram. Radha asks if they will meet again. He says they will if she identifies him. She says why not, she will definitely identify him and walks away. Gopal feels sad hearing that and sits under a tree. Sam gets tired searching Radha and seeing Gopal sitting nearby rudely calls him cowherd and asks if he saw a lady passing by. Gopal asks if he is talking about Sri Radha. Sam says yes. Gopal asks who is he. Sam insists to tell where did Radha go. Gopal shows him direction and asks again who is he. Sam walks away ignoring him. Balram watching them from a distance walks to Krishna and asks what is he doing in a Gopal avatar. Krishna says he likes Gopal’s disguise a lot. Balram asks why did he send Sam in Radha’s direction. Krishna says Sam is going on the way of his fate, he didn’t go on Radha’s route or else he wouldn’t have been punished. He plays bansuri and turns back to Krishna.

Mahadev with Gowri ji and Ganesh ji walks to them and says he is very happy seeing his Gopal avatar. Gowri ji says same. Krishna says his Gopal avatar is Mahadev’s gift and his plan. Gowri ji says she didn’t know if Mahadev can plan. Mahadev says he can do anything for Narayan and planned even this. Ganesh ji asks him to explain his plan. Mahadev says truth this idea was Krishna’s and he just planned it; life has 7 phases which Krishna lived with Radha; he wanted Radha also to travel the universe, so he made her a way; in this plan, Krishna will have 7 avatar, first is Damodar avatar. They see a boy Krishna trying to pick butter pots, but is unable to as he is tied to a pillar. He tries to free himself, but then thinks maiya/mother ordered not to open it, then how can he.

Mahadev says maiya did right by keeping pots away. Gowri ji asks if Radha will also experience his and Krishna’s past again. Krishna says yes. Radha sees Damodar and thinks why nobody is freeing him. Radha then sees a girl running towards kid and and thinks who is this girl who is running towards this boy, she looks like her. Sam noticing her thinks why is Radha looking at kids. Girl asks boy if maiya tied him again. Kid addressing her as Mahadev requests to free him. Krishna thinks how to explain Radha that Madhavi is her another name. Kid insists Madhavi to free him as maiya didn’t tell that others also shouldn’t also free him. Madhavi asks Krishna to tell what he did do, if he stole butter. Kid says just 5-6 pots of butter. She says she wil not free him. He says he will not play bansuri for her then. Mahadev asks Krishna why is he troubling Radha. Krishna says its a part of love. Madhavi thinks if she frees Damodar, she will bear maiya’s scolding, but if she doesn’t Damodar will not play bansuri for her.

Radha thinks looks like she is that girl. Sam asks Radha why she is looking at kids and asks to come along. Radha says she will stay here and watch the girl helping that boy and wishes that. Sam yells not to bother about them and come along. Radha denies. Sam angrily walks towards kids. Gowri ji asks Mahadev to punish Sam for trying to spoil children’s happiness. Krishna says kids will punish Sam as a kid can measure whole world in 3 steps and can do anything. Madhavi is about to free Damodar when Krishna walks to her and orders not to free kid as his mother must have punished him with a reason. Madhavi asks who is he to interfere between them. Damodar asks him to go away. Sam gets angry and he is very powerful and can blow them away like tiny slivers.

Ganesh ji says he doesn’t know that he can blow away tiny slivers and not mountains. Sam gets irritated. Mahadev asks him to blow her towards north direction as her house is in that direction. Sam angrily uses his power, but Madhavi stops her and asks to win over them in their game. Sam agrees. Madhavi asks him to close his eyes and tying him with rope runs awawy with Damodar to play with him. Sam tries his best to free himself and falls down. A lady passes by and laughs seeing his condition. Sam says 2 kids tied him. Lady says Madhavi and Damodar never tie anyone, he must have done something. Sam continues fuming. Radha feels if this is one phase out of 7 which Adiyogi asked her to experience.


RadhaKrishn 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Women plead to stop thieves who stole their clothes. A woman Kishori throws net on them. Thieves run away fearing Kishori. Radha thinks Kishori looks like her. Krishna thinks Radha is experiencing a new journey of life. Radha sees Man Mohan playing bansuri and identifies him.

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


Radha Krishna Details

Radha Krishna is an Mythology Show on Star Bharat which is being created by Swastik Productions, creators of famous mythological demonstrates like Shani, Mahakali, Shankar Jai Kishan and Porus.The show will supplant channel’s political dramatization Saam Daam Dand Bhed.Radha Krishna cast will include new performers Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar in lead parts of Radha and Krishna separately.Radha and Krishna taught the whole universe to defien love .

Cast : 

Reena Kapoor
Madirakshi Mundle
Mallika Singh
Rushiraj Pawar
Siddharth Arora
Sumedh Mudgalkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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