RadhaKrishn 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 13th September 2021 Reaches standing in sky remembers Krishna’s words and thinks she will use her and whole world’s energies and free him from all the pain. Sam thanks Pradyumna for not competing with him even being a crown prince and giving him a chance to serve Dwarka with their lineage Yaduvansh’s help.

Pradyumna says he is proud to see his change and his devotion towards their yadukul. Sam seeks Balram’s support next. Balram says until he does good for their yadukul and Dwarka, he will help him. Sam thinks now Dwarka will be known by his name, he will make Krishna weak and will kill him.

Radha sits in meditation and seeks whole unverise’s powers’ support. All gods support her. She stops time to stop Krishna’s pain. Heavy storm starts on earth. Sam asks Dwarka citizens to hide in their rooms. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that with Radha’s meditation, there is a storm in whole universe. Krishna thinks Radha is doing wrong.

Balram rushes to Krishna and asks him to stop this disaster and thinks evil powers have barged on them. Krishna says its Radha who stopped time circle to end his pains. Balram asks him to do something. Krishna says Radha will decide and he can’t do anything. Radha seeks helps of all gods reminding them how Krishna helped them repeatedly. Gods seek Suryadev’s help.

Radha asks Suryadev to help her and give all his powers to her. Suryadev tells other gods that Radha is devi of love and they need to help her, but it would destroy the world. Radha seeks Ganesh’s help next. Ganesh walks to his parents and asks what should he do. Other gods follow next and explain their ordeal. Devi Gauri says this would reverse a time circle.

Mahadev meets Krishna and seeks his help to stop Radha as his dead will happen with pain and Radha’s adamancy will destroy the whole universe and reverse time circle. Krishna requests Radha to stop her meditation as it will give him more pain. Radha doesn’t agree and determines to end his pain even by opposing him. They stand against each other. Devi Gauri gets sad seeing Radha Krishna against each other. Radha finally says Krishna can do anything, she will not stop him.


RadhaKrishn 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha gets worried for Krishna ands says she will love him immensely. Sam makes Yaduvansh fight with each other to destroy Krishna. Krishna shouts Radha when he is attacked. Radha wakes up from sleep worried for him.

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Telecast Date:13th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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