RadhaKrishn 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


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RadhaKrishn 11th September 2020 Gathotkatch says he will kill both Bheem and Krishna. Radha warns him that he has to kill her first before touching Krishna. Krishna acts as afraid and asks Radha to move aside. Gathotkatch shouts he will kill them both and will fight with Jarasand’s killer first. Bheem warns how dare he is to insult Sri Radha and Krishna and starts fighting with him. Their fierce battle starts. Radha asks Krishna why is he standing silent instead of stopping this fight. Krishna says some visuals should be enjoyed and asks her also to enjoy. Someone informs Hidimbi that her son is fighting with someone. Gathotkatch and Bheem get tired fighting. Gathotkatch says when he can defeat him with magic, why should he waste his energy. He freezes Bheem with ice. Radha asks Krishna to do something.

Gathotkatch then shouts its their turn now. Krishna asks Radha if she is afraid. She says no when he is with him. Gathotkatch multiples himself to a huge monster and tries to step on Krishna. Krishna holds his foot with just a finger. Radha reminisces Krishna lifting huge mountain on his finger. He then multiple much bigger than Gathotkatch. Gathotkatch realizes his mistake and apologizing him says he looks more divine and reduces himself to normal. Krishna also reduces himself to normal. Gathotkatch requests him to reveal who he is. Krishna says he is both an atom and universe, etc., and if he tries to understand him, his whole life wouldn’t be enough. He says he got his forgiveness, but what about the one whom he froze. Bheem unfreezes himself and takes oath to kill Gathotkatch. Hidimbi rushes to him and pleads not to take an oath which will destroy them and reveals that Gathotkatch is his son. Bheem is amazed to hear that. Gathotkatch is also rejoiced. Krishna says Bheem fought with his son and never realized that only his blood can have powers like him. Hidimbi reveals how Bheem saved her from her torturing brother Hidimb, but doesn’t want to marry her as his motto is different, but she insisted and had gandharva wedding with him, after which Gathotkatch was born. She says Gathotkatch’s father is great. Bheem says he is a fool to fight with his son.

Krisnna asks Gathotkatch why he wanted to kill a human. Gathotkatch says his mother wanted a human sacrifice for Mahamaya pooja as per rituals. Krishna says that is the different between rituals, they are followed without much thought, they should have thought the reason behind it first, god never likes his/her devotees to kill each other. He orders whole family to pray Mahamaya. Bheem with Hidimbi and Gathotkatch performs Mahamaya’s pooja. Hidimbi asks Gathotkatch who is Krishna. Gathotkatch says he is the most divine person he ever saw. Bheem thanks Krishna for reuniting him with his family and says let us head to Indraprastha as they are getting late for Rajasuya yagna. Krishna says yagna will wait for him, now he should spend some quality time with his family. Bheem thanks him for making him realize his love for his family and walks away with Gathotkatch and Hidimbi asks him to show what else he learnt from his mother.

Radha asks Krishna that he never showed his vast form to anyone, then why did he show it to Gathotkatch. Krishna says Gathotkatch will be performing an important task in the future.


RadhaKrishn 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Draupadi sees Duryodhan falling in water and laughs saying a blind’s son is also blind. Duryodhan determines to take revenge. Shakuni defeats Pandavs in gambling, Duryodhan determines to disrobe her in front of everyone. Radha tells Krishna that Drauapdi’s dignity should be protected, else a woman who can share love can even destroy everything.

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Telecast Date:11th September 2020
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