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RadhaKrishn 11th January 2021 Radha forgets Krishna and asks who is he and how dare he is to touch her. Jamvati smirks hearing that. Devi Gowri seeing that sadly says Sam separated Radha and Krishna, without their love universe is incomplete. God say Sam did really wrong by making Radha forget Krishna. Balram asks Radha how can she forget Krishna. Krishna asks Radha to identify her Krishna. Radha asks who is Krishna and walks away saying she doesn’t want to stay here even for a second. Sam thinks he separated Radha and Krishna finally. Jamvati thinks her son completed his task and separated Radha and Krishna forever. Mahadev emerges in front of Krishna and apologizes that Sam misused his boon and separated Radha and Krishna via damroo sound. Krishna says he had already warned Radha about this. Mahadev asks if he can do something to reunite them. Krishna says he ahs to go through this pain and Mahadev himself will understand when time comes.

Satyabhama with Rukmavati walks to Radha and asks why everyone are telling she forgot Krishna. Radha asks who is Radha and why everyone are reminding him about Krishna, if the man wearing peacock feather who held her is Krishna. Rukmavati says she should rest for sometime. Radha says she is not tired. Satyabhama holds her hand takes her along. Laxmana with Sam and Jamvati watching that says everyone in Dwarka are trying to remind Radha about Krishna. Sam says they got a good opportunity by separating Radha and Krishna, they should something to send Radha out of Dwarka. Jamvati says she knows how to do that. Krishna sadly walks on street reminiscing his and Radha’s love and couples around loving each other. Satyabhama with Rukmavati takes Radha to her room. Radha asks if she stays here. Satyabhama says Krishna specially made this room for her. She asks what does she do. Rukmavati says she shouldn’t think about it. Radha says she wants to work though. Rukmavati says she cooks well and can cook for time once in a while. Radha says she wants to cook right now. They both walk away asking her to rest and they will meet her in the morning.

Balram searches Krishna and finding him preparing kheer in jungle says everyone are trying to get Radha’s memory back, if he is trying to feed kheer to Radha to get back her memory. Krishna says he is Radha’s world and she forgot herself when she forgot him, he is trying to get back Radha’s memory with his kheer, tastes it and says its exactly as Radha likes. He takes kheer to Radha. Radha asks why did he return again, what does he need from her. He says to remind their love. She asks what. He says he brought her kheer with love to remind her of her past. She tastes it. He asks if she remembers anything. She says there its too sweet and he should add less sweet next time. She walks away. Balram noticing them asks how can Radha not remember him after having kheer, tastes kheer and says its fine, then why Radha told its too sweet. Krishna says that is because Radha didn’t feed him kheer after tasting it, he has to do a lot more than kheer to get back her memory.

Laxmana with Jamvati walks to Radha and greets her saying she is the queen of Dwarka. Radha asks what do they mean. Laxmana says Krishna is her servant, so she is the queen. She continues that she is no one to Krishna and Jamvati is Krishna’s wife and his son’s mother instead, even then Krishna loves Radha and has illicit affair with her. Jamvati says she should be ashamed to have illicit affair with Krishna and because of her, Krishna never loves her like a husband. They both continue to insult Radha and ask her to leave Dwarka if she has a bit of shame. Radha walks away humiliated and packing her clothes walks towards Dwarka’s main door. Balram asks Krishna to do something to stop Radha. Krisha says he ahs to do a lot and changes his clothes to his older ones walks in front of Radha. Radha stops seeing him.


RadhaKrishn 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Krishna tells Radha that all moments they spent together are in front of her. Radha asks hwo is she related to him. He says relationship of love. Radha says there is no relationship and walks away while Krishna stands sadly.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


Radha Krishna Details

Radha Krishna is an Mythology Show on Star Bharat which is being created by Swastik Productions, creators of famous mythological demonstrates like Shani, Mahakali, Shankar Jai Kishan and Porus.The show will supplant channel’s political dramatization Saam Daam Dand Bhed.Radha Krishna cast will include new performers Mallika Singh and Sumedh Mudgalkar in lead parts of Radha and Krishna separately.Radha and Krishna taught the whole universe to defien love .

Cast : 

Reena Kapoor
Madirakshi Mundle
Mallika Singh
Rushiraj Pawar
Siddharth Arora
Sumedh Mudgalkar

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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