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RadhaKrishn 10th September 2021 Radha says she has decided to stay with him and clear all his pains, so he should tell her reasons for his pain. He says there are many reasons for his pain; his bansuri is one of the reasons as a bamboo tree sacrificed itself to make this bansuri, but Radha doesn’t want to listen its music. She asks what else pains him. He says he will tomorrow and asks her to go and rest now. She leaves. He thinks Radha experiences his pain, hence she came to check. Balram informs Krishna that Yaduvanshis have gathered to meet him on Sam’s invitation. Krishna says he will visit sabha/court at the right time.

Sam gathers all yaduvanshis and introduces Pradyumna and Anirudh as future kings. Krishna attends sabha and sits on throne. Yaduvanshis request Krishna to make Sam as crown prince. Sam acts and says Pradyumna and Arirudh are future kings. Yaduvanshis says they trust Sam’s qualities and wants Krishna to make him as crown prince. Krishna reminisces Gandhari’s curse and says as they wish.

Everyone chant Sam’s name. Krishna tells Sm that he has a great responsibility on him and should be good. Sam asks if he is happy. Sam says yes. Radhika thinks Krishna doesn’t look happy. Sam thinks he easily got what he wanted by manipulating Krishna, soon he will end Krishna similarly. Devi Gauri discusses with Mahadev that Radha noticed Krishna’s sadness. Mahadev says Yaduvanshis will be reason for Krishna’s death and their own death. Gauri thinks if Radha finds out the reason for Krishna’s death, she will not keep quiet.

Radha asks Krishna why he doens’t look happy. Krishna says he doesn’t know if yaduvanshis can handle their responsibilities. Radha says he is in so much pain and she will do something to clear his pain. He asks what will she do. She says she doesn’t know but will do something. In kitchen, Rukmini orders cook to prepare food for Krishna as he didn’t have anything since yesterday. Radha walks in and says she will prepare food for Krishna. Rukmini says then Krishna will definitely have food and sends cooks to arrange dining room. Radha prepares food and waits for Krishna in garden playing bansuri.

Krishna walks to her and says she at last agreed to love him twice. She says they will love only in Golok, she brought him food, he can have it under moon light and heal his wounds. Krishna says even moonlight hurts him and he will only have food if she sits with him. Shew says if she sits with him, it will be love, so she will not. He asks to sit till he finishes food at least as a duty. She agrees and sit. He finishes food and thanks her. She asks thanks for what. He says she prepared food for him and when there is no love, he needs to thank her for performing her duty, they will be formal from hereon. Radha thinks she will end Krishna’s every pain and will take him to Golok.


RadhaKrishn 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha sits in meditation in universe thinking whole universe’s energy is with her and she will end Krishna’s pain today. Storm starts on earth. Balram tells Krishna that if Radha tries to stop time cycle, there will be a big disaster.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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