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RadhaKrishn 10th September 2020 Radha asks Krishna who is Ghatotkach and why Bheem will go to meet him. Krishna says Bheem has to get ready for a battle which he cannot win. Ghatotkach is seen walking to his mother Hidimbi and asks if she called him. Hidimbi says for Mahamaya’s pooja, she needs human sacrifice. He asks if she has anyone in mind. She says she hard someone tore Jarasand into 2 pieces, he must be very strong, she needs his blood. Ghatotkach asks to start preparation, he will bring her prey. Krishna walks in jungle. Radha says this place is getting haunted. Krishna asks if she is afraid. She says she is happy that she is with Krishna. Krishna thinks this is the best place to wait and protect Bheem.

Bheem stops in jungle seeing fruits on tree to fill his stomach and rest for sometime. He starts having fruits when Ghatotkach walks to him warning how dare a mere human is to stop here and have his fruits. Bheem warns him to go away as he just killed a monster and wants to rest. Ghatotkach says he must have killed a weak monster. Bheem says he killed Jarasand. Ghatotkach thinks he is the man his mother told about, Mahamaya is happy on him. He provokes Bheem for a fight. Bheem agrees. Ghatotkach gets his weapon, Bheem gets his mace/gadha, and their fight starts.

Krishna and Radha’s romance continues. Krishna asks Radha to prepare kheer for him as he is hungry. She asks where will she get milk, rice, and jaggery in jungle. He says one can get god if he/she searches; he reminds that once he prepared kheer for her when she was hungry. She is amazed to see cow in front of her and gets milks. She then is more amazed to see paddy fields and get rice out of paddy. Krishna reminisces doing same for Radha. Radha then says without jaggery, he will have only rice and milk bhath. He says let us see and starts playing with her. She twists his ears. He holds her hand and pours rice in milk pot.

Bheem is amazed to experience Ghatotkach’s superpowers and thinks he never saw such a powerful asur in life. Ghatotkach continues attacking him. Bheem thinks Krishna told not to fight if its not necessary, so better than wasting his energy, he should escape from here. He fools Ghatotkach and rushes on his chariot. Ghatotkach thinks human fooled him.

Radha prepared kheer and asks Krishna to have bland kheer. Krishna says when he will feed her, she will feel the sweetness, so let us feed each other. They both feed each other; she says it is very tasty, but when she tasted, it was bland. Krishna says he wanted to explain that there is no sweetness in food, but in love. Radha says he spoke deep words in simple words. He says everything comes with love. They both feed each other happily. Krishna now he got energy to perform bigger tasks. She asks what are they. He says she should watch form her eyes and counts 3. She sees Bheem coming on his chariot and asks why did he come here. Bheem walks to Krishna and asks what is he doing here. Krishna says he comes here with Radha regularly, but why is he coming in Indraprastha’s opposite direction. Bheem says he is running away from powerful monster, so he wants to escape from here and attend Rajasuya yagna in Indraprastha. Radha says Bheem is right, let us go. They both sit on chariot and asks Krishna to get on chariot soon. Krishna steps on dirt and says how will he walk now. Radha asks him to leave footwear and get on chariot. Ghatotkach walks to them and asks to handover human who killed Jarasand. Krishna says Bheem killed Jarasand, but it was his plan. Ghatotkach says he will kill even Krishna. Radha warns Ghatotkach that he has to kill her first before touching Krishna.


RadhaKrishn 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bheem fights with Ghatotkach again and takes oath to kill him. Hidimbi stops him and informs that Ghatotkach is his son.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2020
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