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Radha Mohan 6th September 2022 Gungun is standing when the snake falls in front of her seeing which she is shocked, they all get tensed to see the snake before Gungun. Mohan asks Gungun to not move and even Rada signals her to not yell. Tulsi is also requesting Gungun to not move even a bit.

Radha explains she must remain clam and not move even a bit because if the snake realizes it is in danger then might get violate, Kaveri replies the snake would get violent even if they do not move,

Radha replies they also get scared of humans but if they donot do anything then even the snake will remain calm, Kadambari replies they would have to do something to protect Gungun so she asks Mohan to do something.

Tulsi standing thinks she has to protect Gungun and doesnot care even if anyone finds out about her, Tulsi is not able to touch the snake so gets worried wondering why is her powers not working o n the snake, Kaveri recalls what the Guru maa said so whispers to Damini that she was right as Tulsi is not able to touch the snake.

Gungun requests Radha and Mohan to save her as she is scared, Mohan informs Radha that Gungun is moving because of being scared, Radha asks Gungun if she wants to hear a story as she really likes them, Radha starts telling the story of Bihari jee, Damini asks if this is the time to tell stories,

Mohan informs Radha is trying to distract Gungun. Radha starts telling the stories mentioning that once when Bihari jee was playing with his friends by the river and the ball fell in the river, Mohan asks Shekar if there is anything to throw on the snake so Shekar starts looking.

Radha explains Bihari jee jumped in the river to get the ball where he saw a big black snake and the name of that snake was Kalia Naag, so Bihari jee pulled the snake from its end and then started dancing on the snake so it realized that Bihari jee is not scared and so the snake ran away after leaving the village,

Mohan quickly throws the carpet over the snake before pulling Gungun with all his might, he along with Radha falls on the couch. Damini is furious seeing Radha and Mohan together. Radha starts staring at Mohan seeing which Damini gets even more furious. Kadambari is however delighted to see them both together.

Kadambari starts smiling when Tulsi asks how they all look together, Kadambari thinks they all look as a family but what about the worries of Mohan. Kaveri questions why is Radha getting close to Mohan after telling the stories of the snake. Mohan warns her when she explains that even the stories would not end the problem,

she believes they should call the snake catcher from the near by village. Radha replies that it is not a good idea since they only irritate the snake who starts moving seeing the flute. They just hold the snake’s captive and break their teeth so it is really wrong, Mohan explains if they should first catch the snake.

Gungun questions Mohan why did it take him so long to save her, Mohan replies he was feeling as if he is talking with his stomach and they both do not know how to say thank you to each other, she says he usually gets really late doing the chores.

Mohan replies he should not have saved her at all when Gungun says he would have to save her, Mohan scares her from the snake mentioning she is just as scared as him, Radha requests him to not fight when Mohan replies that it also has love so kisses Gungun.

Radha asks Dulari why did she bring the milk, Dulari explains she brought the milk for the snake when Radha replies that snake do not drink milk. Damini says why is she telling them such stories when they all have seen them drink milk.

Radha replies they only drink milk because their handlers keep them thirsty for a lot of days so in that case, they drink whatever is in front of them. Radha also asks Dadi to confirm her explanation, Mohan says Radha should till then asks the snake to stay in the carpet, Radha questions what is he saying since she doesnot know the langu7age of the snake.

Mohan after seeing the carpet moving gets scared which even worries Radha, she explains she must bring another snake so he doesnot get scared, the team arrive but even then, Gungun and Mohan scream.

Mohan explains the snake is under the carpet so they should catch it but the team doesnot find it under the carpet, they all wonder where did the snake go, the team suggests they should search the entire house, Mohan asks him to look under the sofa but Kadambari sends them in the house.

The team is searching when they explain they should look the small places as snakes usually hide in them, Radha suggests she should go and check but Mohan replies she must stay close to him since she can talk with the snake and must not leave.

Kaveri replies that she cannot understand what Damini thinks as she first brought Hriday and now the snake, Damini blames that she is the one who was dancing in front of the basket and so it is her fault, Kaveri exclaims she should see how close both Radha and Mohan are to each other.

Gungun is sitting on the lap of Radha, Kadambari explains she ahs been holding Gungun for so long so she give her to Kadambari but Radha replies that she doesnot get tired of holding the child and is perfectly fine, Mohan also asks Gungun to come but she wants to stay with Radha. Mohan is glad that the team caught the snake but they inform there is no snake in the entire house but even than if they find it then can call them,

Mohan tries to get off but scream after touching the broom, Kadambari warns him to not do it as it scares them all. Radha also asks the team if they are sure that there is not any snake, as she doesnot want her family to suffer any problem, Kadambari is looking at Radha when Tulsi exclaims even, she is thinking the same way as her, as she also believes Radha is the best choice for their family.

Mohan is playing the flute in the night when Gungun is lying down on the bed, she finally goes to sleep seeing Mohan playing the flute with a smile on her face, Radha is also smiling when after a while Mohan asks if Gungun has gone to sleep, he stops when Radha assures, she is asleep.

Mohan kneels to kiss Gungun on the cheek but just then Radha also places her hand so he kisses on her hand, she doesnot know what to do and is just staring at him as he once again sits back up, she is left stunned by it so slowly looks at Mohan who is also staring at her. Mohan apologizes saying he did not see her hand, she doesnot say anything else and is just staring at her hand while Mohan is constantly speaking.

Radha doesnot respond to anything when Mohan hits her on the head with the flute which worries her, he asks what is she doing. Radha explains that Mohan has been with Gungun for so long so must leave to get some rest, Mohan asks what about the snake so Radha replies they have not seen it for four to five years so she feels he must gone back to his house, Mohan asks how does she know it,

she replies that the snake would have gone back to his own house. Radha suggests she would prepare a thali for him so he can have the food, Mohan holds her hand preventing her from leaving.

Radha gets mesmerized with him and is not even able to say anything, Mohan notices her and so sits with her on the bed asking what happened, Radha is not even able to reply, he hits her on the head once again when Mohan questions what happened, saying Gungun was right hearing this Radha gets worried asking what did Gungun say, she starts looking at Mohan.

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