Radha Mohan 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 6th May 2022 Gungun says to Radha that Mohan is a killer so he should end up in jail and runs from there. Radha asks God to ignore Gungun’s prayer. She prays to God for Mohan’s release. She notices Mohan and hides from him. Kadambari cancels all the appointments.

Ketki tells her that she can handle everything so the latter need not to cancel the appointments. Kadambari tells her that she will handle it later. Kadambari’s son tells Ketki that only Mohan is child for Kadambari not them. She reminds him that he slept on his brother’s engagement day. He says that Mohan gets everything even though he is second hand.

Mohan asks him to remove the shirt and pants which shocks everyone. Kadambari’s son removes it. Mohan tells him that the latter could spend so much money because he is Kadambari’s son and this first hand and second hand are not matters.

He adds that he will throw him out of the house if the latter talked like this with Kadambari again then. Radha tells herself that she has to help Mohan.

Lawyer Shekhar comes there and takes Kadambari’s blessings. He tells Mohan to not crack a joke in front of the judge. Mohan asks him to behave like a lawyer in the court not as his friend. Maid gets shocked seeing Radha in the kitchen. Radha asks for sugar and curd from Maid. She says that she is preparing this for Mohan. She asks her to give it to Mohan but the latter runs from there.

Mohan moves towards his room to get his mobile. Radha sees that and makes noise from upstairs. He looks up and she drops curd on his mouth without showing her face. He wonders that who dropped it. Kadambari takes Mohan from there. Radha smiles saying that now Mohan won’t lose the case.

Later, judge gives verdict on Mohan’s favour. Tulsi’s mother tells Mohan that court may release him but she won’t forgive him. Shekhar threatens to put her behind the bars. Meanwhile, Radha writes a letter for Mohan in which she states that she is leaving a Bhagavat Gita for him and also thanks him.

Tulsi’s mother throws mud at Mohan. He tells her that he didn’t kill Tulsi. She curses him saying that he will yearn for his daughter’s love. Damini tells her that she will call the Police if the latter accused Mohan then. Both families fights with each other. Mohan leaves from there. He recalls Tulsi mother’s words and also Gungun’s words.

Radha asks Gungun to drink the milk saying that it’s prasad. Gungun refuses and runs from there. Radha chases her. Gungun pushes her and the latter pours milk on Mohan’s face. Tulsi’s soul sees that. Everyone gathers in the hall.

Radha apologizes to Mohan. He asks her that who is she. She introduces herself to him. He tells her that he don’t know any Radha and asks her to leave the house and not show her face again which shocks her.

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