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Radha Mohan 3rd November 2022 Radha while driving the bus notices Mohan coming from the front, she yells at him to stop. Mohan gets tensed thinking Radha is driving the bus, she tries to warn him there is a bomb in the bus which he tries to listen, Mohan wonders why she is not stopping the bus.

Radha thinks why he is not understanding because if she stops the bus then it would explode and otherwise Mohan might get hurt, Gungun rushes back to bring the note which she puts against the window,

Mohan reading there is a bomb in the bus is stunned, he keeps driving straight towards the bus while Radha starts getting nervous. Radha starts screaming when Mohan comes really close but he passes by the bus, Radha after a while opens her eyes to see, Gungun and Ketki also slowly open their eyes but donot see any signs of an accident.

Radha exclaims she has killed Mohan and Ajeet, Ketki is also shocked.

Tulsi in the house thinks she cannot understand why she is feeling so tensed, she exclaims only Damini and Kaveri can cause so many problems in the house, she starts searching the room trying to find a proof however after a while Tulsi gets furious, she even throws all of the clothes from the wardrobe.

Tulsi doesnot notice the box in which there was the bomb, Tulsi goes to the green box which contains the rope after which she exclaims there was nothing in the room however she is sure Damini has made a mistake.

Radha while driving the bus removes her feet from the accelerator, the bus starts losing s-peed and Ketki questions what is she doing as the bus is slowing down, all the children also start requesting Radha to increase the speed but she is not saying anything, Ketki takes her head out of the window where she sees Mohan and Ajeet in the jeep,

Mohan instructs Ajeet to drive the bus band take it close to the bus as he has to talk to Radha, Ketki informs Radha they are fine and coming close to the bus, Gungun and Radha are relieved to see Mohan is fine, Radha mentions she also wants to see Mohan.

Mohan coming to the window requests Radha to stop the bus but she informs him about the entire situation of how the peon planted the bomb under the bus and he threatened them, saying if they lower the speed below sixty then the bomb will explode. Radha informs if she slows the bus it will explode, Mohan is not able to accept it so gets really tensed, he notices Gungun and Ketki are crying,

Mohan is not able to remain calm and assures there is nothing to worry about since he is coming in the bus. Radha stops him mentioning they are already in danger, but she cannot risk his life, Radha explains that she can drive the bus, Mohan is worried as he did not see her ride a cycle so where is the driver, Radha reveals he started getting panic attacks, so she asked him to rest. Ajeet explains that he would be able to save Ketki, she threatens to not let him live in peace if he is not able to help her.

Mohan wonders how he can help them while not stopping the bus, he needs to find a way. Mohan calls Damini mentioning there is a bomb in the bus and she must ask the police to not keep any barricade to try and stop the bus as it would cause a lot of problem, Damini getting worried ends the call exclaiming she knows they have to set a barricade, she exclaims they all are coming to the location,

Kadambari asks what did Mohan say when Damini reveals he asked them to make a barricade so they are able to stop the bus, Rahul agrees with her when Damini suggests they should also go to the location but Kadambari mentions she will come after talking with Dulari.

The inspector reveals they got a call from the Trivedi, and they want them to set up a barricade as the children are in grave danger from the kidnapper.

Mohan assures Radha they would not let the bus stop and make a way, Radha is constantly staring at Mohan who is trying to talk to her but she is just crying, the police set a barricade exclaiming they should not let he bus get away from them. Radha notices the barricade so asks Mohan what is it when he informed Damini they should not have any barricade, Mohan is furious with Damini since she did not listen to him.

Damini entering the room thinks that Mohan just follows Radha, Damini thinks she feels it is the doing of Tulsi, she thinks she must leave with the parcel before Tulsi is able to find it, Damini leaves after covering the parcel which worries Tulsi who is sure Damini is behind it.

Ketki asks Ajeet what would happen if she died, Ajeet assures he would surely protect her when Ketki replies she knows if he would not do it then who would help them.

Radha requests Mohan to leave since she cannot pass the barricade, but Mohan insists on staying with them assuring they would be able to clear any obstacle, but Radha replies she cannot put his life at risk and needs to fight this battle on her own.

Damini is walking out when Kaveri stops her questioning what is she doing, Damini explains she is going to make sure Radha and Gungun are not saved but she cannot lose her love in this fight, Damini starts panicking when Kaveri replies her eagerness to win every battle would cause them to lose, did she forget that Tulsi was a little suspicious she tried to burn Gungun so what did she do to her,

Kaveri exclaims she gave her a severe beating, Damini replies she is right because Radha is there and would not let Mohan die, Damini mentions she would have to do something that causes Radha and Gungun to die while Mohan is saved and even Tulsi doesnot suspect them, Damini after thinking for a while calls Tulsi before walking inside.

Radha asks Mohan to leave but he asks her to stop talking since he will not leave her, Radha asks with Ajeet explaining he knows they cannot put so many lives at risk so he knows what to do, Ajeet explains they would only have to believe in Radha and her Bihari jee, Mohan is looking at Ajeet who turns the jeep. Mohan questions what is Ajeet doing since Radha would not be able to handle everything, Ajeet mentions Radha has to pass the barricade on her own.

Radha after increasing the speed tries to inform the police inspector there is a bomb in the bus, Gungun also tries to show them the note when the inspector explains the driver is increasing the speed instead of slowing it, they all clear the barricade while Radha once again increases he speed after taking the name of Bihari jee, the bus starts to swing and Radha exclaims she cannot handle it however she keeps trying her best and finally is able to control it.

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