Radha Mohan 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 30th October 2022 Parthap questions what has she done, Ketki gets really scared while he is staring at her.

Radha while standing suddenly hears a bang so rushes towards the bus calling for Gungun, Parthap coming out asks if she got scared as he also felt like if there was a bomb blast, Radha asks what is he saying when he explains it is the tire of the bus, Radha calls Gungun inquiring if she is fine, Gungun requests her to come back as they are getting late,

Parthap questions if the boy is done with it, she informs he has not come back till now, Radha prays for a sign and then notices a women carrying wooden sticks, she notices the women has a mobile but before she can go to her the student comes back explaining he has finished, Radha runs away to the women.

Parthap is trying his best to fit the bomb while Radha requests the lady to make a call however she refuses explaining she has her phone recharged, Radha requests her so she notices the watch when Radha requests to just make a single call, Mohan is driving with Ajit when he informs there is someone calling her mobile, Mohan instructs him to not disconnect it but Ajit apologizes however Mohan instructs him to dial it once again.

Parthap after fixing the bomb wonders where the girl is, the student points towards Radha who is requesting the lady to give her the mobile but she replies they agreed for a single call, Mohan calls the lady when Radha explains it would be for her, the lady agrees to give the mobile after Radha gives her ear rings.

Parthap is walking towards them when Radha informs Mohan she is calling with the mobile of a lady, Radha explains there has been a problem because the peon who came with them in the bus is the same kidnapper who was behind her kidnapping, she reveals he is wearing a disguise, so she thinks he has a plan and he snatched her mobile while also throwing the mobile of Ketki. Radha informs there is a problem,

Mohan requests her to tell him the exact location when she informs they are on their way from the old Mandir route through the forest, Radha notices the lady is scared so turns to see Parthap with a knife, she is stunned seeing him, Parthap walks over to her so Radha screams but he however takes the women by the knife explaining he thought the lady was snatching her belongings,

Radha explains she gave the belongings herself and so the peon explains how he thought there is something wrong, he forces Radha to reach the bus. The driver asks him to get inside but Parthap explains he has an important work so they all should leave without him, Radha wonders what is the important work that he would need to complete, the driver agrees quickly closing the door.

Ketki informs Radha she is glad they were able to get away from him but Radha if she did not think it is wired he left suddenly. Parthap is joyed thinking the bus would explode very soon, he decides to inform Damini and explains that her enemy Radha would surely die, he mentions that now even Bhagwan would not be able to save her.

Ajit assures Mohan they would be able to reach Radha really soon but he cannot comprehend what does the person want from Radha, Mohan replies he is not going to let the person stay alive.

Kadambari calls Ajit inquiring if everything is fine when Ajit informs Kadambari how Radha mentioned that the person who was disguised as the peon is actually the same kidnapper so she feels there is something wrong, Kadambari in shock throws the mobile, Rahul questions what happened when Kadambari explains that Radha,

Gungun and Ketki are on the bus with the kidnapper along with the students. Kaveri starts acting exclaiming why does Bhagwan always tend to make them face so much problems and she feels that he should call her at the moment, Damini manages to convince her to calm down.

Radha sitting in the bus is worried wondering how the person left them suddenly without doing anything. Radha notices the mobile which is placed on the dashboard, she tries to turn it on however realizes it is turned off when Radha requests the driver who explains that his phone doesnot have any recharge but she must not be worried since the peon cannot catch them now.

Ketki asks Radha what happened when she informs she told Mohan about the entire truth and he will surely find them, Ketki explains they would tell him there is not any problem when Ketki explains even she tried to open the bag however the person came and scolded her but she felt as if there was something ticking in the bag. Radha is worried thinking the path is changing.

Mohan stops at the corner wondering where they would go so he prays to Bihari jee to show them the right path when the lady runs in front of the jeep, she drops the watch and ear rings which Mohan realizes belong to Radha. Mohan questions the lady where she got these things which the lady at first refuses however Ajit threatens to call the police. Parthap from the corner thinks what he would be able to do if he finds them since the bus has gone far away so they would not be able to save them and only hear the bomb blast.

Parthap manages to connect with the speaker of the bus explaining this message is for the girl in the lehnga, and he is the one who buried her alive, he has some news for them that there is a bomb under the bus. The driver thinks of stopping it when he reveals if he bus goes slower then sixty kilometer then the bomb would blast and they all will die, everyone is stunned hearing this as the kidnapper laughs.

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