Radha Mohan 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 2nd November 2022 Radha asks the driver if he is listening, she is shocked to see that he has collapsed on the steering wheel, Radha tries to keep the bus in control but is stunned when there are cars in the front, Radha turns the bus with all her might, the driver is unconscious, and everyone is shocked.

Mohan wonders why the bus swinging is as they might get in an accident, Radha turns to look at the students who are scared, she exclaims Bihari jee should give her the strength to protect this bus and everyone who is in it, Mohan exclaims there is some problem so they have to over take the bus and he tries his best, Radha thinks the speed should not decrease at all.

Gungun questions what Radha is doing, she is really scared. Mohan is really worried wondering what would happen.
Ketki also asks what she is doing, Radha manages to help the driver stand while Ketki takes him to the other seat, Radha herself sits on the driving seat, she puts her feet on the pedal to maintain the speed, before asking Ketki to take care of the driver, she while trying to protect the car hits a blockage. Mohan is following the bus, he calls Radha.

Ketki sits beside Radha asking if she knows how to drive a bus, Radha explains she has not driven a bus but a tractor in her village, she feels it is the same, Radha mentions she always used to drive the tractor, Ketki exclaims they are two different things and it might be a problem however Radha replies not driving the bus would cause even more problems. Radha mentions she knows Ketki is scared so she is the only one left,

Radha assures she would be able to do it after taking the name of Bihari jee, she feels he has prepared her for this problem, Radha vows to drive anything when it comes to their safety, Radha requests Ketki to take care of the driver.
Radha driving exclaims just as Bihari jee was with Arjun in Mahabharat, he needs to help her today. He was present to end the evil in Mahabharat he must help her protect the lives of these innocent children.

Kadambari questions what was he saying, they should put the lives of their family members at risk, the parent exclaims if the kidnapper wants to take revenge from them so their members should be at risk, Rahul asks if they are saying their family should suffer it, the parents start arguing with them when Rahul threatens to bury them alive if they misbehave with their family, Damini gets tensed as Kadambari is trying to stop Rahul, Kaveri stops her mentioning the parents are fighting with Rahul.

Radha asks Gungun to come informing her how they must not let the driver go to sleep and she must ask him to take deep breaths, Gungun goes to Ketki and they follow her suggestion, Radha asks G8ungun to tell everyone to stay away from the driver and open the windows of the bus.

Gungun rushes to open the window where she sees Mohan driving the car, he also calls her so they both are relieved to see each other, Gungun yells Mohan who is also amazed to see her, Radha notices Mohan driving the jeep in the rear view mirror.

Kadambari is trying to force Rahul away from the parents, Kadambari is trying to push them away but one of them is suddenly slapped when Kadambari realizes it is the doing of Tulsi, she thinks she would not let anything happen to maa even if it means coming in front of them., the parents try to walk forward but Mr Trivedi threatens them with a gun which he is holding in his hand. They refuse to believe him but Mr Trivedi fires a bullet, he exclaims he doesnot threat when it comes to his family warning if they think he would not fire, then must come in front.

Gungun informs Radha that Ajeet and Mohan are following in the are, Ketki realizing Ajeet has also come rush to the back calling Mohan, they all are excited to see him. Mohan assures he is coming so starts driving the car, Radha is relieved thinking Mohan jee has arrived. Radha recalls what the kidnapper said that there is a bomb under the bus, she explains they must inform Mohan to stay away since there is a bomb, Radha informs they must stay away as it might hurt them.

Radha looks at Mohan who is driving the car, Mohan thinks they are also excited to see them, Gungun kneels down asking Ketki to help her, Mohan and Ajeet wonder where they did both go all of a sudden, Gungun asks Ketki to write that there is a bomb under the bus, Mohan vows to not let the kidnapper get away with hurting his family. Radha pleads with Mohan to not come in front of the bus as there is a lot of danger with them, Radha thinks she cannot let Mohan come in front of he bus as it might be dangerous for him, Radha increases the speed of the bus so Mohan is left behind.

Gungun and Ketki stand up with the note but wonder where Mohan went, Ketki exclaims he might have taken another path.

Shekar comes to stand with Mr Trivedi when the inspector asks if there is law since he would have to go to jail, Mr Trivedi mentions he knows the law and self defense is not a crime, he has picked it to protect his family.
Damini is standing when Kaveri comes questioning what she is doing here when there is a drama going on in their family as even Mr Trivedi picked up a gun.

Ajeet asks Mohan what is he doing since the bus is going on a different route, Mohan informs that Ajeet must get out of the car as he is going to do something which is really risky, Ajeet explains why should Mohan only take all of the risks for their family, he is also the brother of Radha and Gungun is even his daughter since he takes her to school and even brings the pizza for her, Ajeet mentions even if Ketki makes him massage her feet, she has never left his side. Mohan apologizes asking him to stop crying but Ajeet doesnot listen so Mohan threatens to throw him out of the bus.

The inspector informs Mr Trivedi that it is their duty to protect them but he doesnot must take the law in his own hands, Shekar takes the bus from Mr Trivedi when Shekar explains their problems is the same so they must handle it together, the inspector sends all the parents back to their homes.

Ajeet asks Mohan where they are going, he informs it connects on the same route and he is going to stop the bus from the front.

Kadambari is applying the medicine to Rahul who has a lot of injuries, Tulsi exclaims he is injured. She thinks where the mother and daughter are exclaiming, they only run away from problems when they have themselves created them.

Radha is driving the bus when Mohan starts driving towards it from the front, radha is shocked to see him so starts yelling at him to change his direction, Gungun and Ketki also try to inform him. Mohan realizing Radha is driving the car wonders what might have happened.


Radha Mohan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohan thinks why Radha is not stopping bus. Gungun writes on paper “There is a bomb in the bus”. Mohan reads it. Radha says, if I stopped the bus, bomb will blast. Mohan takes a turn to escape collision. Radha thinks because of me Mohan met with an accident.


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