Radha Mohan 2nd May 2022 Written Episode Update


On a beautiful morning a girl is performing the pooja, she turns with the murti in her hands running towards the Mandir, where she places the murti lighting a Diya before holding her hands, she prays that all her prayers be gone to the person who changed the direction and meaning of her life when her mother passed away.\ Mohan jee took her hands, the Mohan jee of this Radha be given the peace of mind along with calmness and he be saved from all the worries, he is the Bhagwan of this entire world but for her Mohan jee is her Bhagwan as he made her come close to him so now he must make her meet the Mohan jee.

A person wears the Helmet before riding his bicycle to the Mandir before taking it off he starts walking towards the river, reaching the banks while standing before the Mandir he takes off his shirt diving into the river. He resurfaces in the middle of the river. Radha while praying hears someone talking when he questions how can she hide such a big truth from Radha as she is already really mischievous.

Radha reaches the end where she hears her father mentioning that he cannot hide the fact that Mohan jee is coming, Radha gets excited hearing that he is finally coming, she rushes to the Mandir mentioning she used to take care of Bhagwan all these years, she used to bring Paan and even the drink made of curd but she thought he would not do anything which she desires, but she has been proven wrong as he finally made sure her Mohan jee come back, she had been praying that he return so she can thank him but now he is finally returning,

he doesnot know that Bhagwat Geeta which he gifted her and the words made her believe, she recalls when he came to her while she was crying asking if she is really missing her mother, he informed he also felt the same but the realized that they do not die but only reach the spirit form so this means her mother is still alive, she still has the Geeta in her hands recalling all those memories.

Mohan changes his shirt when the Pandit jee blames that whatever he does his crimes would not be forgiven since he has killed his wife by b urning her so nothing can happen for him, Mohan sits beside the Pandit jee asking if he has a way to end this cruse on him, Pandit jee explains it will cost fifty-one thousand rupees, Mohan questions how can he pay him,

Pandit jee shows the QR code when Mohan sends him one lac and two thousand rupees. Pandit jee gets excited questioning why did he transfer the double amount when Mohan informs that he is going to make the same horrible mistake twice by killing him, Pandit jee says that he would be given a black curse since he is hitting a Pandit. Mohan is standing when he sees some people standing in front of him,

they say that Mohan has killed their sister so is going to get the punishment now when all the cases in the court will proceed, Mohan recalling how they are blaming him for burning his wife, he starts beating them all so they exclaim that he will still not be forgiven, Mohan is about to hit him with a pot made of clay but receives a call from his mother, he leaves mentioning it was his good luck, he is leaving because his mother is calling.

Mohan enters through the gate of the house when a servant takes the bike, he enters the house breaking the ribbon which is there to protect the house, someone stops the ribbon from falling. Mohan enters the house instructing the workers when he sees blood dropping from her hands, he rushes to his mother asking if she is fine. He makes her sit down on the sofa,

she replies she is fine because it is just a small cut but he insists on applying the bandage. Mohan questions what was the need to touch the needle, he leaves saying he is going to slave this problem of the thread once and for all, she says if he loves his mother then would not break the thread as it is there to protect the house from all evils. Mohan mentions what is she saying as according to the people he is the evil, she replies he must not be worried as he is the most nice person.

She exclaims today is an important day for her, he questions if she is sure since he doesnot want to do it, his mother asks if he cares for the feelings of his mother so sends him away, he leaves advising her to take care of her hand. Mohan’s mother prays in the Mandir that her son be protected from everything in his life so that his past doesnot come to haunt his present. Mohan enters the room when he sees the portrait with his wife, he recalls when everyone says he is the one who murdered his wife,

Mohan standing in front of the portrait says she knows what is the extent of love, it is hatred and he is the end of hatred, she died after being burnt but left him to burn the rest of his life, with a grim he says they complain to the one they love but now neither the love nor their relation is left so he is going to end the last string, he turns the portrait to the others side.

Radha is sitting preparing to welcome Mohan when her grandmother starts calling her from behind with a happy face, she turns exclaiming what is wrong with her when her grandmother questions can she not be so nice with her Grand Daughter. She questions what is Radha going to make for Mohan jee, she in excitement mentions she will make the pudding and then decides to also make the puri with it.

Radha rushes into the kitchen when the grandmother locks her inside thinking she will not be able to meet her Mohan jee, her father tries to request his mother she not do this as if Radha doesnot meet with Mohan jee then it will break her heart, his mother replies he is also a humble person because at this age even he would not know when this feeling of care turns into love.

Mohan’s mother is standing outside when her son in law comes praising her for always being ready on time, he informs that even he has broken the habit of her daughter, she doesnot understand when he informs of getting late, her daughter looks from the car mentioning she was no able to sleep because of the tension. She is standing when her husband comes she smelling him advises he should not have had the drink today, he questions what relation does she have with Mohan,

he slowly mentions she is his mother but he replies she is just the step mother while he is the biological father, she must not try to teach him, Mohan stops him from hurting his mother, standing in front of his mother he informs that she became a mother while even being the step mother but he was never able to become a father, Mohan warns him to always respect the relation with his mother, he leaves to sit in the car while Mohan’s mother assures she is fine. His father sitting in the car promises that he did not drink today.

Radha is about to taste the pudding but then thinks how can he taste it when she has made it for Mohan jee, she decides to make Bhagwan jee taste it. Radha rushes to open the door, she is shocked to see that it is closed and so recalls how her Grandmother would have locked her inside but she then manages to climb the door and jump out the window, she is once again about to enter with the window, she thinks her Grandmother is right to blame her for not using her brains because she can use the door, Radha rushes out with the pudding.

Radha also reaches the Mandir where she is excited to see Mohan jee coming out of the car, she is not able to take her eyes off him while he is standing outside the Mandir, his mother exclaims that the chief guest of today has arrived, he starts walking to her when she gets excited thinking, he might be coming towards her but he walks past her to the other girl, she takes her hand walking towards his family which leaves Radha shocked. Radha is constantly looking at them while his mother asks the Pandit jee if they can start the engagement,

she wonders why is Mohan jee not smiling even on such an auspicious moment of his life, when Devika is about to make him wear the engagement it falls on the ground while stopping at the feet of Radha, she is constantly crying looking at Mohan. They ask her to bring the ring which she slowly takes to Mohan while constantly gazing at him, he also makes Devika wear the ring, she wonders what is he hiding since he is smiling but she feels he is sad from his eyes.

Radha’s Grandmother notices something is wrong, she pulls Radha away from the Mandir, questioning if she was not able to bear that he got engaged, she questions why is Radha crying who replies they are of the joy, she replies that if she gets tears of joy at the age of twenty then it is not nice because she was not able to bear that her love got engaged to someone else, Radha is constantly looking at Mohan who is still very sad, he Grandmother questions if she is understanding anything,

Radha replies it is her mistake if she thinks that praising is called as love, her Grandmother mentions that even Krishan found Rukmani but Radha was left alone, Mohan has found his happiness when Radha replies that Mohan jee is not happy and she needs to talk with him, she rushes after him not even listening to her Grandmother.


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