Radha Mohan 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Radha asks Gungun if she accepts calling Mohan papa when she replies if the last one got a ;little too much as this will surely not happen and she will not do it,

Radha agrees that she spent at least a single day with Mohan because after seeing his love she would herself start calling him papa, Gungun asks her to go and get the signature first along with the cheque of fifty thousand, Radha agrees before leaving, the spirit of Tulsi questions why does Gungun do this as Radha will once again get in trouble with Mohan.

Radha is walking when she bumps into Damini, Radha immediately apologizes but as she kneels to pick it up they once again hit each other, Damini asks where is she going when Radha explains Gungun needed some money for her school so she is going to get the signatures from Mohan jee,

Damini replies that she doesnot feel Mohan will sign it, Radha exclaims the one who tries never loses so she is at least trying her best, Damini asks her to go when her mother comes from behind questioning what is she doing as she was really angry yesterday but today is herself allowing Radha to enter his room,

she feels Radha would one day marry him but Damini replies she needed Radha to befriend Gungun but now when she doesnot need Gungun then what is the need for her and she would not get married with Mohan because of what she was taking to get his signatures.

Radha enters the room of Mohan calling him but he is nowhere to be seen, he turns to bump into Radha when she immediately apologizes, but he says she is a store of apology so there is not any need,

Radha explains that Gungun needed some money which she wants to donate in her school because all of the children are donating, Mohan gets excited explaining it is really nice, he asks for the amount when she explains it is fifty thousand, he asks if it is not a big amount when she replies even she got shocked but Mohan signs it, Radha also asks him to sign the document,

he is about to sign when Damini snatches the paper questioning why did he agree to send his only daughter to the boarding school, Mohan gets shocked looking at Radha who is also left baffled, she hands him the papers which he reads, she then tears them all. Mohan asks Radha what is this all, she said that these papers were of the donation to which Radha vows she did not lie to him because this is what Gungun said to her, she explains even Damini saw them outside but she did not say anything to her at that time.

Damini replies because she did not read them but then realized that whenever the school wants any donation they usually call Kadambari and Mohan, Damini exclaims that it is not a child’s job taking care of someone,

they must always use their own brain and never believe anything the child says without first finding out the truth, she went to search the laptop of Gungun where she found the documents regarding the boarding school. Radha assures she never makes any sort of mistake if it relates to Gungun but the truth is that she doesnot know how to read English so made a small mistake,

Mohan getting angry questions what does she mean by a small mistake and where are her brains because he would have lost Gungun if it had not been for Damini, he exclaims she would have left him leaving for the boarding school, he warns that if she had studied then it would have benefited them. Tulsi asks Gungun to see wat is happening because of her mistake.

Damini questions what is he doing because Gungun is their daughter, he could have also read the papers before signing them especially when it concerned Gungun, and how can he sign any document without reading it. Mohan is really angry when Damini asks her to go, she walks out of the room when someone pulls her to the corner.

Mohan exclaims that it is his mistake as he should have read them but when it concerns Gungun, Damini exclaims he thought she asked him for something for the first time so how can he refuse it, she exclaims she has understood she would get two children after marriage, one is Gungun and the other him,

she replies she knows his entire world revolves around Gungun and he would do anything for her single smile but this doesnot mean they do anything which she asks as this way they are going to lose her before making any sort of relation. Mohan leaves the room.

Kadambari comes praising Damini for what she has done today as she is the only one who can control the mad relationship between Mohan and Gungun, she desires they both get married as soon as possible so she gets a good daughter in law, after which Damini can take the entire responsibility of the house and she would retire, Damini’s mother signals her so she starts smiling.

Gungun pulls Radha into the room, she exclaims everyone knows how Mohan is like because if there was a competition of getting angry then Mohan would be the winner, Radha replies she is crying because Gungun lied to her, Tulsi comes asking her to talk some sense into her because she has gotten out of control.

Gungun questions what is she made up off because Mohan was scolding her but she was standing there listening to him, Radha exclaims why would she get mad with him when he was telling the truth, because of her mistake Mohan jee would have lost Gungun forever. Gungun apologizes to Radha because she got scolded because of her, Tulsi starts smiling explaining there is also sorry in the dictionary of Gungun,

Radha replies she doesnot need her apology but the promise that she will never lie in the future, Gungun is about to make the promise when Damini comes to the door, she calls Radha apologizing that Mohan scolded her but Radha replies she did not feel bad about it, Radha exclaims she feels she should also learn English like them all so she is able to talk with them,

Damini questions why does she want to learn English as she is fine just the way she is, Gungun however replies it is not fine as anyone can learn if they have the desire as her Rosie mam says when there is a will then there is a way. Damini asks Radha to leave but Gungun replies she will not go anywhere however Damini manages to send her away.

Damini locks the door of the room but Gungun also asks her to leave since she doesnot want to talk with her, Damini taking out the papers tears them all in front of Gungun explaining she wants to talk with her as there are some scores which need to be settled. Tulsi is standing in front of Damini and Gungun.

Radha is walking down the stairs when Kadambari calls her, explaining she must not feel bad after what Mohan said to her as she knows how he gets when the matter is of Gungun, Radha replies what is the need to feel bad on the right thing, she starts explaining how she knows Sanskrit and Hindi along with Yoga but now even she is going to learn and write English as the Rosie mam says where there is a will there is a way, Kadambari replies she is learning good things from Gungun so she prays even Gungun learns them from her, Radha replies she will surely learn since she is just a child.

Damini explains she played a good game but it got flopped, what did she think that she will leave for the boarding school after taking the signatures from Mohan but she did not understand that nothing in this house can happen if she doesnot desire it, she tries touching the face of Gungun who pushes it away, Tulsi thinks if Damini tries to do anything with Gungun today, she will not be able to bear it.


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