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Radha Mohan 27th October 2022 Ketki exclaims it has only just started as he snatched her phone, exclaiming how did he dare, Parthap angrily stabs Ketki causing blood to fall on the floor.

Some time earlier Radha sits back thinking he is the same person who kidnapped her and she believes he has come here to do something heinous, Parthap feels Radha suspects her so thinks he would have to do something before she tells anyone, Mohan wonders what is going on as Radha is not answering his call, Tulsi is also worried there is something wrong.

Radha thinks of telling Ketki but Parthap questions what does she want to say, Radha thinks if Parthap feels she knows the truth then would do something wrong, Radha replies she is just saying he is right to say they must not talk on the phone as then children might learn it which is wrong, and make the same mistake so he must forgive her,

Ketki questions why is she apologizing when Radha replies what is the problem when she made the mistake, Ketki informs she would get ruined because of being nice, Parthap thinks he would have to take her life before Radha. Ketki questions it is wrong when the driver is talking but not the passengers, Radha tries to stop Ketki but she angrily scolds Parthap asking if this bus belongs to him or the school, Radha thinks Ketki doesnot know that he is a really dangerous person,

she tries to calm Ketki who exclaims it has just started as the peon even snatched her phone and who is he to tell them what they can or cannot do, Radha tries to ask her to sit down. Parthap angrily starts walking to Ketki and stands in front of her while holding the knife, Ketki suddenly is about to fall which stuns everyone and Radha also notices the blood on the floor.

Mohan thinks of calling Ketki so he dials her number, but her phone is on the floor, Mohan exclaims even she is not answering his call, Tulsi exclaims she also feels there is something wrong.

Mohan sees Ajit walking so calls him asking if he was able to talk with Ketki, Ajit asks why everyone wishes to talk with Ketki now, Mohan questions if he talked with her when Ajit mentions he was not able to talk properly as she was playing with the children. Tulsi asks Mohan to go and do something as Radha never refuses his phone especially when Gungun is around her,

and even Ketki is not answering while Damini is so calm which is a sign of immense problem so he must do something. Mohan turning mentions how he felt as if Tulsi called him and there is something wrong because Radha never declines his call.

Ketki sees the blood coming from her hand so recalls how she tipped when the bus swinged so blames the peon for it all, she asks him to get the bus fixed as it is his duty. Radha rushes back to bring the first aid box, Parthap is worried that it would cause a lot of problem if she sees the bomb,

he takes out the knife but Radha brings he medical box before starting to apply the bandage on Ketki’s hands, she starts panicking but Ketki replies it is just an injury, she exclaims it would have been a problem if any children got injured, Ketki vows to complain about the peon in the school.

Radha hears his phone ringing, she demands it back from Parthap who is scared seeing Mohan calling her, he immediately asks if everything is fine so Radha replies it is all fine like yesterday night, she explains there is a small problem that she forgot her Ramayan in the house as she thought she would read the story to Gungun but no matter, she explains if Radha and Mohan are together they surely make the best partners and she was saying, if they both are together in the signing competition then it would be best, Radha explains she is going from the jungle path so it might not have network.

Mohan leaves after hearing the call of Tulsi’s mother who asks him to come out since her guests have arrived.

Radha is staring the peon who explains he would go and put the phone on charge so she doesnot have any difficulty in talking with Mohan.

Mohan comes out when he is shocked to see the lawyer with the official when the grandmother of Gungun explains they are her guests, the official exclaims so today is the ritual of Brahman Bhouj so where is Gungun and her mother who is going to fulfill the ritual, Mohan replies he can do it alone but the official explains that this ritual is fulfilled by the mother, Gungun’s Grandmother explains what is the need to call the fiance as she is already present, the official questions what sort of behavior is this since Radha is about to be the wife of Mohan.

Radha looking at the faces of the students thinks they are innocent and would get scared thinking what might happen to them, she just prays Mohan jee should understand her signs.
The Grandmother of Gungun mentions she is going to tell the truth since this is the reason she came here early, Damini thinks it is all for Tulsi who would think that this is her plan while her actual plan is different.

Radha is constantly staring at Parthap, he thinks he would have to quickly set the bomb and run after which it would be the end of Gungun, Ketki and even Radha.

The mother of Tulsi blames Mohan for always doing things that are against their religion, she blames him for killing her daughter explaining now he desires to marry Damini, even when Gungun hates her. She explains it is better Gungun styas with her Grandmother rather than a step mother,

Mohan replies it is enough as this house is because of Gungun and would not be anything without her, Mohan holding his hand pleads with them to not take Gungun away but the brother of Tulsi mentions they are going to take Gungun with them, Mohan standing in front of him exclaims no one can take his daughter away from him, he replies they are going to take out their quarrel from Gungun, Mohan in frustration starts beating him saying he dare say he would take his daughter away,

the mother of Tulsi starts recording. Shekar manages to stop Mohan when her mother asks if the official saw the true face of Mohan as he is a liar so what would he teach Gungun, she mentions she has recorded everything in this phone and they would now meet in the court. The lawyer explains the client of Shekar has made a mistake when the official explains she thought this was the right family for Gungun but after what she has seen today, she would submit a new report in the court after which he would not be able to see the face of Gungun.

Mohan sits down in tension wondering what would happen, Damini with a smile thinks he is tensed Gungun would leave this house but in reality she is going to leave this world.

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