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Radha Mohan 27th May 2022 Damini sits beside Gungun on the bed, Tulsi wonders what is Damini thinking as she is sure that she would do something, Damini asks her to not be scared as she is not going to scold her but she desires that Gungun always misbehave like this because then everyone would get angry with her, they would not be bothered that she doesnot want her to get married with Mohan but after that she will become her mother,

Gungun would have to live in this house but it will be hell, Tulsi in anger warns Damini to stay away from her daughter and not make her part of this evil plan. Damini mentions she can stay here in this same house till she is eighteen years old after which she can run away wherever she desires,

Tulsi stops her from touching Gungun when Damini threatens that If anything happens to her then everyone would know she has done it, Tulsi slowly removes her hand so Damini manages to show her affection by touching the face of Gungun before leaving, Tulsi exclaims if she doesnot feel any shame as she is playing with the mind of a child, she would never be able to become the mother of Gungun.

Shekar explains he cannot understand because he first saved Radha from the kidnappers but then she managed to ride the bicycle back to the house, Mohan mentions that this is the truth, her bangles drop from his coat so Shekar questions what are they doing in his pocket, he replies that she left these clues which he followed.

Shekar praises Radha for her intelligence when he explains she doesnot have that intelligence and always gets into accidents. Shekar questions if he thanked her for all the help, Mohan replies he has not thanked her when Shekar explains he is not the Mohan whom he knows as he would always thank others.

Radha is talking with her Dadi informing that she got scared when they pulled out a knife to kill Mohan jee, Dadi replies he is strong man so can take care of himself, Radha rep[lies he just seems strong but today she saw the other side of him,

Dadi doesnot understand when Radha explains she saw him as a broken father who is filled with pain, Dadi insists she come back as everyone is the same in that house but Radha replies she also thought the same but now cannot come back before ending the differences between Gungun and her mother, Dadi explains this is not her responsibility so she must come back but Radha replies she told her that she cannot come back until he is happy.

Gungun in her room thinks she promised Mohan to stay in this house as it contains the memories of her mother but when Damini marries him then this house would not have any place for her memories, she is therefore going to leave this house once and for all, Tulsi requests Gungun to not do anything of the sort as she knows what happened when she left the last time.

Radha is perplexed when Mohan questions what is she doing as she made him stand on the door for so long, Mohan enters the room explaining that he came to return her belongings so takes out the bangles handing them to her, she immediately starts wearing the bangle, He then puts his hand in his other pocket but screams from pain,

he takes out an ear ring explaining that this also belongs to her, He explains she is really intelligent but her Dadi without any reason says she has half a mind, Dadi ends the call exclaiming Bhagwan jee has made them both meet but her Radha is still innocent and she doesnot know what she is doing as Mohan is a lot older then her, she is still not affected by it.

Mohan turns to leave when he notices that she is not able to wear the bangle, he comes back to help her seeing which she is left perplexed and so she thanks him, he replies she should ask for help when she needs it then there would not be any need to thank him, Radha replies she was thanking him for saving her life, Mohan replies even he came to thank her for saving his life when Radha replies she did not do anything as it was all Bihari jee’s doing when Mohan asks her to not start this religious books infront of her,

she says he is the one who prints them all, Mohan turns to leave, she insists that he do what he came for, he explains he doesnot have the mood when Mohan puts his hand forward asking her to shake it, they both get confused because when one of the puts their hand forward the other holds them both together, Mohan takes the hand of Radha forcing her to shake it, he turns back to leave but her dupatta gets stuck in his watch,

Radha tries her best to remove it but she is not able to, he asks her to wait for a minute then removes his watch advising her to do it calmly, he is not able to wait so turns to leave but she stops him explaining it has opened, Mohan leaves but she starts smiling, Radha doesnot know that Damini and her mother are watching her,

Damini’s mother asks her to see how this girl is teaching Mohan about love, Damini runs to her room in anger, she starts thrashing the belongings before thinking about all those times when Mohan praised Radha, he then explained she is a guest in their house, Damini’s mother comes warning her to not break the things but then she must break the closeness that is between Mohan and Radha,

because now she has made him shake her hand, and one day he would also apply the Mangal suture on her neck, Damini replies she would kill her before it happens, she is only bearing Radha in this house as she needs her for the condition that Mohan placed before her, she would after that show Radha what happens when someone tries to come between her and Mohan.

Radha in the night is praying in the Mandir when she exclaims, she never thought a day would come when she would shake the hands of Mohan jee, she now would do anything she can to end the differences between Mohan and Gungun because she doesnot know how romantic her father is, she prays explaining she is surely going to end the differences making them both hug each other.

In the morning Tulsi questions Gungun what is she doing on the laptop as it has been going on for the entire last night but Gungun turns off the laptop exclaiming, she doesnot know where she must go, Ketika and Rahul are standing on the door, she informs even Rahul went to the boarding school but he explains she cannot go anywhere as in this house only Mohan has the right to make decisions and he would never allow her to go to the boarding school.

They both leave when Gungun immediately starts searching for a boarding school and manages to find it, Radha suddenly comes to the room asking what is she doing, Gungun immediately turns off the laptop when Radha explains she cannot read anything in English, Gungun gets excited exclaiming then there is something which she can do, Gungun prints the admission letter asking Radha to print it,

Radha doesnot understand asking what is it for, she replies she needs to make a donation in the school for fifty thousand, Radha gets shocked questioning why such a large amount, Gungun replies that she wants to donate in her mothers name but Mohan will never give the donation, Radha explains she would surely get him to sign it but Gungun must do something for her in return, she thinks how Mohan jee mentioned he was excited that there would be picnic but it was just his desire, she exclaims Gungun must spend an entire day with Mohan to which she agrees,

then Radha asks her to also hug Mohan, Gungun is forced to agree, Radha lastly recalls Mohan informing how someone told her that he killed her mother so from that day he became Mohan, Radha asks her to always call Mohan jee as papa hearing this Gungun gets shocked.

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