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Radha Mohan 27th July 2022 Radha is sleeping leaning against the bed, Hriday takes her photos and after sending them calls the person inquiring how did he like the package, Hriday assures he would get the package once the money is ready as it is worth thousands.

Tulsi makes Mohan wear the quilt before going to the room of Gungun and Radha, she sitting beside Gungun exclaims that such people have a lot of good fortune if there is even one person to take care of them but she has three people, Mohan, her mother and now even Gungun who is there to take care of her and is her second mother.

In the morning Damini warns Kaveri how she asked her to not burn the wig in the garden as Ketki saw her and with this one mistake her entire plan might be ruined, Damini thinks the only thing which was good yesterday was that Radha fought with Mohan, he might not see her face now.

Hriday standing behind explains it can be that he is also eager to talk with her like Radha. Damini going to him questions what is he doing here since she warned him that there are a lot of cameras and microphones installed here, she warns him to leave before closing the door. Damini mentions she is sure he is a really clever person but she is worried if Tulsi sees them both, Kaveri replies she is sure Tulsi has not seen them otherwise they would have suffered a beating till now. Damini thinks she has to leave so she can make the most of what happened yesterday.

Kadambari sitting with Mohan requests him to eat something but he replies that he is not in the mood, she forces him to eat it before questioning why did he raise his hand on Gungun, Mohan at once refuses that he did anything of the sort.

Kadambari with a smile mentions this means she knows her son, she asks what was the reason for that entire drama. Mohan asks what does it matter as Radha thinks he is the worst father in the world, Kadambari questions what is the problem as she knows he really respects her but he was never worried when anyone said such things to him then why are the words of Radha causing such pain, Mohan exclaims what does it matter and she can do whatever she feels like.

Radha knocks on the door, Kadambari turns to open it but Mohan stops her, Radha mentions she knows he can hear her but doesnot want to see her face, she just wants him to read what is written in the piece of paper, he always scolds that she doesnot show any interest in her studies but today she has not even taken the help of Gungun so he should see it once. Mohan walks over to the door, picking the paper he sees that she has written sorry, Radha turns to leave but stops at the door before finally walking away. Mohan looks to Kadambari exclaiming she is just an idiot as she wrote the wrong spelling.

Damini knocks on the door when Kadambari opens inviting her inside, she asks if he is fine. Damini exclaims she is really angry as Radha would never mend her ways, they did a lot for her and are even trying to get her married but now only her, but the entire family including her in Laws, she instead of accepting their efforts just argued with him. Mohan questions what is she talking about, as what Radha did for their family was not possible, she brought him and Gungun close to each other which no one in this family was able to do, she should not make it seem so big in front of all they did. He mentions how he wishes to stay alone for some time. Mohan closes the door.

Hriday is about to light a cigarette when Damini stops him from behind, she says how she warned him that the walls also have ears but he did not listen to anything, she doesnot want him to do anything that will ruin her plan. Hriday asks why is she so angry as it feels as if Mohan ahs once again insulted, her, she replies it is not the case but he says that just as the walls also have ears, he heard Mohan yelling on her but she doesnot know what is actually going on between Radha and Mohan, he would get marry taking Radha away but what if Mohan gets sad in her memory and she just becomes a memory. Damini in frustration breaks the cigarette and also takes the lighter with her, Hriday thinks he is only listening to her stupid talks because his real goal is someone else, he looking at the photo of Radha mentions that they are going to go on their honeymoon but what if she spends it with someone else.

Mohan is sitting in his room when Gungun knocking on the door asks him to open it, she is standing with Radha. Gungun asks them both to talk with each other otherwise Radha would make it all Nigera fall and their plan would be revealed. Gungun entering whispers to Mohan that if he doesnot end this then she would have to bear it since he is locked in his room but she would have to bear it all.

Radha requests Mohan to forgive her since she was mistaken, Mohan replies that it is not the case she in reality revealed the truth because he was never a good father nor a good human being, he knew it until she came and made him feel as if he is also a good person but now, he has realized that it was just a mistake and it is goof if they end as soon as possible. Radha replies she was wrong to say it all and is mistaken about him, he must forgive her but Mohan doesnot even look at her. He asks her to leave but she is adamant to stay until he forgives her, Mohan then shuts at her so she starts crying. Radha slowly walks out of the room when Mohan turns to see her and then closes the door, he is also crying.

Radha rushes into the room crying, Gungun asks what happened when she explains that she made a really big mistake by hurting the person whom she wanted to make happy. Tulsi exclaims that she has not done anything wrong and just fulfilled the duties of a mother. Gungun assures that everything would be fine because he is just angry today and will get fine tomorrow.

Radha thinks that she has done a crime so now would have to pay the penance. She covers her eyes while Gungun questions what is she doing, Radha explains that she has hurt the one whom she thought as her Bhagwan so now she is going to go to the Mandir and that too by her knees, as this is the penance which must be paid. Gungun gets worried as Radha is standing in front of her.

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