Radha Mohan 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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 kidnapper mentions this is the Godown of a construction site, the police would never reach here so this is where she would be worried. Radha starts screaming when the kidnaper says she can yell all she wishes but no one would come to help her.

Mohan while driving requests Bihari jee for a sign so he can find Radha, Gungun while praying exclaims Bihari jee knows that her mother has died so she got alone but after Radha came into her life she felt little better as Radha takes care of her as a mother, Kadambari is not able to bear it so instructs Rahul to call and find out about her, he also leave after getting a call from the commissioner.

The kidnapper points to a place explaining this would be suitable to bury her, they both agree but then start tying Radha around a pole. Radha is screaming for help when the kidnapper replies he would also see who comes to help her, he covers her mouth with a cloth.

Gungun is still praying in the Mandir when Tulsi thinks if she able to go out of the house then might have been able to help Radha, she thinks Kadambari along with Damini and Kaveri would never let her get out of the house. Tulsi thinks then Gungun would be able to help her, she sees the dupatta beside Gungun so gets a smile on her face, Tulsi thanks Bihari jee before lifting the dupatta with her powers, Gungun notices the sudden gush of win so gest a little tensed, the dupatta flies away which worries her so Gungun rushes to pick it, meanwhile Tulsi is making her follow it and throws it over the protection shield, Gungun seeing it gets stunned, she tires her best to pull the dupatta when Tulsi exclaims she should open the shiel and release her mother so she can save Radha.
Tulsi tries to praise her but Gugun is not able to do it, Tulsi requests her to hurry up when Kaveri seeing her gets stunned so questions what is she doing, she is about to stop Gungun when Tulsi hits her from behind causing her to fall in front of the ribborn, Gungun explains she is going to take out the dupatta of Radha but Kaveri warns her to get away. Kaveri warns her to stop but Gungun doesnot listen to her, and is about to open the knot meanwhile kaveri is still trying to stop her, suddenly Damini coming from behind once again ties the knot removing the dupatta. Seeing which Tulsi gets stunned.

Kaveri in anger asks her to leave if she got the dupatta, Gungun warns to see them both after Radha comes when kaveri one again asks her to leave if she got what she desired, Damini gets up in frustration while Kaveri is looking around for Tulsi, she wonders how would she be able to help Radha now.

The kidnappers are digging with all their strength when Radha wonders what can she now so must think of a plan, she recalls how Mohan explained she got to know about it because of his daughter, Radha slowly tries to turn on the watch and sends her location to Mohan, he while driving the car gets the location so is amazed.

Gungun is praying in the Mandir when she also hears the notification on her phone, se is delighted to think Radha send her the location, Gungun calls Mohan mentioning Radha send a message, he explained he was just there and felt as if Radha was somewhere near him but now is going back, Gungun asks if he would be able to bring back Radha, Mohan assures that he will surely protect Radha.

Ketki asks Kadambari if she doesnot think they should inform the father and Dadi of Radha, Kadambari replies she doesnot feel like it, Ajit explains he feels they should tell the truth to them as it is their right, Kadambari questions how can she tell the truth as what would they say that Radha got kidnapped from their doorstep, Ajit replies he feels they should not tell another lie after what has happened, Rahul agrees with Ajit when Kadambari dials the contact of Pandit jee. Gungun at once mentions they have found Radha, Kadambari replies she just wanted to ask if they safely reached the village.
The entire family rushes out when Gungun reveals that Radha sent her location from the smart watch, Damini and kaveri get furious hearing this. Damini rushes inside but Tulsi notices something is wrong.

Mohan asks Shekar to come to the location, Damini informs the kidnapper that Radha as the watch which she used to send the location, Damini closing the door think Radha is not that stupid and has learned how to use the smart watch. The kidnapper turning to Radha slaps her asking if she thought they are stupid and would not know anything, he removes the watch from her wrist before explaining she was sending the signal from this watch, Radha thinks she was right to suspect someone from the house is against them otherwise how would the kidnappers find out she send the signal from the watch.

Mohan is driving towards Radha as fast as he can meanwhile the kidnapper throws the watch outside before once again digging the grave for Radha, she notices the car coming towards her. The kidnappers get tensed meanwhile Radha tries her best to signal Mohan, they seeing the car approaching prepare themselves.

Mohan quickly getting out of the car is stunned as he cannot find anyone in the Godown, the kidnapper are hiding behind the door while covering the mouth of Radha so she is not able to speak.

Mohan slowly starts walking towards the Godown meanwhile they are still hiding behind the door, Mohan thinks the location was just showing one minute but now it has changed to five minutes, he once again gets back in his car thinking they might be taking her away so he needs to follow them. Mohan drives away after getting in his car.
Gungun in the Mandir thanks Bihari jee as because of his help, she got the location of Radha, and she would surely have send him a card if she had his address. They all start laughing.

Ketki coming to Kadambari asks if Mohan went alone since there would be a lot of kidnappers, but Kadambari replies that Shekar has went with the police.

The kidnapper once again slaps Radha mentioning her lover left and by the time he will be able to reach her, he will only find her dead body.

The kidnapper after calling explains they threw the watch and her lover came, but they managed to confuse the person. Damini reveals she is just a servant, and he is the master, Radha wonders who are they talking to when the kidnapper informs they would bury her after killing but Damini replies she wants Radha to feel as suffocated as she did after Radha came here and she must feel the same pain, the kidnapper doesnot know when Damini instructs him to bury her alive. The kidnapper after ending the call turns to Radha.

Mohan after reaching the location gets out, he is constantly calling Radha when he notices the watch on the dirt, Mohan picking it thinks this is the watch of Radha but where is she however he is not able to find her. Mohan then receives a call from Gungun, he doesnot know what to say to her when she inquires if he found Gungun and must say to Radha that her homework is still incomplete and she also needs to learn the Bhajan. Mohan replies that he just found her watch but Gungun replies Radha would also be near the watch. Gungun requests him to bring back Radha soon since she is in danger, Gungun explains she prayed a lot of Bihari jee but Radha did not return.
Mohan explains Bihari jee are not listening to her prayers so she must argue with Bihari jee as Radha would do, and he cannot let Radha stay alone like this since he doesnot have this right, Gungun ends the call looking at Bihari jee.

Mohan doesnot know what to do, he wonders where Radha is as when all doors close she shows him the path and she must for the last time show a way. Mohan notices there is cement on the watch but there is none here. Mohan thinks that he saw there was one minute when he was at that factory, he rushes back into the car thanking Radha.
Radha starts yelling for help while they both are pulling her, the kidnapper questions how long she would stay alive when he mentions after the dirt is poured, she will not have much time.

Radha start praying to Bihari jee thinking she would also keep fighting until Mohan jee finds her, she will fight for her every breath.

Gungun places Bihari jee on the table, Kadambari questions what she is doing so Gungun mentions she will also pray to him as a friend and if he had made a mistake then would also get the punishment, Kadambari replies they should not talk like this but Gungun exclaims it is time for his punishment.

Radha while struggling picks the plastic rod in her hands before the kidnappers throw her in the hole which they have dug in the ground, Radha falls unconscious. Gungun also places Bihari jee in the water.

The kidnapper thinks she might have gotten unconscious which is a good thing as they would not have to make much effort.

Kadambari questions Gungun what she has done, she exclaims that she would not take Bihari jee out of the water until he brings back Radha.

Mohan is driving as fast as he can towards the same warehouse, meanwhile the kidnappers start covering Radha.


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