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Radha Mohan 26th October 2022 Radha asks what is he doing kneeling, Parthap stands shocked but replies he was just searching for something, Radha tries to see so asks what is under the seat, he gets worried but she demands to know what is under the seat,

Ketki also asks her what happened but Radha assures it is nothing to be worried about, he replies he lost something so she offers to help him but as she is about to kneel he holds her hand saying he warned her to go back and sit on her seat, Ketki angrily asks how did he dare touch Radha.

Damini thinks that Radha always manages to win and she loses but this time she would surely win, Gungun will die and she along with her while she would focus on her wedding preparations.

Damini picking the photo of Mohan exclaims an important step of their wedding was left so now she is going to fulfill it, she applies the Haldi on his face while also applying it on her face, she thinks she has the right on his hands and is going to burn the fingers of Radha that touched him.

Kaveri enters the room noticing she is applying the haldi, Damini asks if she doesnot see that she is celebrating her Haldi by herself as because of Gungun the function happened with Radha but now she is doing it by herself, and Radha will pay for what she has done.

Radha questions how he dared touch her hand, she forces it free when Parthap explains the car was on turning so he protected it her but she explains it is something else, Parthap asks her to go back and sit on her seat, Radha while walking away thinks that he is surely hiding something from her but she doesnot know what it is, the bomb comes in the front. Parthap wonders that the entire plan would be ruined if Radha manages to see the bomb.

Damini exclaims Radha ruined the function of Haldi but no one thought they could have it performed once again including Mohan, she is there for doing it by herself, Kaveri gets nervous explaining she was already half mental but now she believes Damini would surely get mental, she replies she is mad about Mohan.

Kaveri asks if she knows what was about to happen so reveals everything that happened between her and Kadambari, explaining how she was about to tell Mohan the entire truth. Damini thanks her for taking care of everything but today is the last day as after it Kadambari would not have any choice other than her, Kaveri questions what is she going to do when Damini mentions she will find it out really soon,

Kaveri hands her the gift but is worried why she is so calm, kaveri exclaims Tulsi gave her a beating and even Kadambari was about to ruin her plan but why is she so calm and not furious, Damini exclaims she would find out till the evening, kaveri exclaims that she has done a lot for her daughter but even then she is not telling her anything. Damini replies she must wait till her plan fulfills, which is why she ordered this box so informs Kaveri it is a bomb.

Radha questions what is he doing kneeling, he apologizes to her explaining she was just worried about him but he was constantly arguing with her, he requests her to go and sit back on her seat after which he would sit back, Radha turns back towards her seat, thinking the peon has been acting strangely ever since he came here as he first had the tool and after that also fought with her so she sitting on her seat thinks even Mohan felt something weird about him.

Mohan comes out of the bathroom when he throws the towel which causes the portrait of Gungun and Radha to break on the floor, he tries to pick the glass but causes a drop to fall on Gungun, he thinks how they had the relation of blood, but Radha caused them to be a father and daughter. Mohan wonders why is he feeling so worried, he requests Tulsi to keep an eye on both Radha and Gungun, Tulsi exclaims even she felt weird and never wanted them to leave, Mohan thinks Radha is with Gungun so he must not be worried but he decides to call Radha.

Radha sitting on the bus also decides to call Mohan, they both try calling each other when their phones are busy, Mohan once again calls him when he asks if they have reached, she replies they are still on the way. Mohan questions if Gungun is fine, Radha starts thinking if she should tell Mohan the truth about this peon and how she feels he is not the right guy before Radha can tell him anything he snatches the phone from her. Radha questions how he dared take her phone, Ketki also argues with him. Mohan wonders why he is not able to reach Radha.

Kadambari calls Mohan to come so he can see who has come, Mohan is shocked to see the mother of Tulsi and her brother, she assures they have not come here to fight since there is not any reason, she even gives her blessings to Mohan explaining she came to apologize explaining that she found Gungun is happy here so she came to apologize, Tulsi is worried about the sudden change in their behavior so she requests to come in their wedding, asking if she also can invite some of her guests. Mohan assures this is her house so she can call anyone she desires.

Damini goes to the brother of Tulsi asking if it would happen to her desire, he replies she gave a huge amount so the work would also be according to her desires, Tulsi replies she never thought her own brother would work with Damini knowing she is her enemy and where is Radha.

The peon questions if they are the parents of these children, he explains if she talks on the phone then it would be a bad example for the children, Ketki asks who is he to tell them anything when Parthap explains that they must not talk while driving, he has been doing this work for a long time so knows what is right and wrong, Radha thinks there is something wrong as he just said he started this work yesterday but is now saying he has been doing it for a long time.

Parthap scolds her to sit down so she agrees, he after forcing the children on their seats wipes off his face but accidentally removes the pimple, Radha recognizes that he is the same person who kidnapped her and if he is here then would have been planning something wrong, Radha gets tensed.

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