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Radha Mohan 25th May 2022 Radha is standing looking at Mohan, someone places his hand over her mouth pulling her away, Mohan while fixing the nest exclaims, he has done it so now just has to put it up on the tree, he is shocked when she is not there so wonders if she has once again gone to sit in the trunk so opens it but is shocked when the trunk is empty. Mohan starts searching for Radha who is being pulled away by the kidnappers, they have tied her up and even covered the mouth.

Kadambari mentions she is the one who texted him that she is leaving early because of the surprise, Damini gets shocked exclaiming she did not send any text when she is stunned seeing so informs, she did not send any text, Damini then goes calling Gungun but when she is about to go near her, her mother stops her saying that Tulsi might be near her, the spirit of Tulsi is standing near Gungun.

Damini mentions she knows what Gungun has done so she should tell the reason, Kadambari also asks why did she do it, Gungun informs they were trying to make a fool of her so she fooled them all by sending them on the picnic, Ketika starts smiling. Kadambari questions where did Mohan go alone, Gungun informs that how can she know it but Mohan is accompanied by Radha, Damini doesnot understand when Gungun asks to see if she can spot Radha in this house.

Damini is standing when she gets a call from the kidnapper who informs they have kidnapped the girl, Damini turns to see that Gungun is still in this house so who is the girl they are talking about, she is not able to understand it when the network disrupts so the call ends. Radha is standing in front of the kidnapper when she lifts his mask, this angers him so he lifts her up when Radha wonders what can she do so she starts removing the jewelry, throwing it on the forest.

Kadambari is constantly trying to call Mohan but he is not answering, Suresh comes running questioning if they found Mohan but they exclaim they have not been able to contact him, Kadambari reveals she has not been able to reach either Mohan or Radha. Suresh asks if Radha is also with Mohan, he gets really tensed. Ketika explains she is just glad that Damini did not go with Mohan and this picnic became a flop.

Mohan is in the forest searching for Radha but he is not able to find her and so exclaims he is going to leave her, Mohan sees the bangles in the forest when he recalls that Radha was wearing them, he starts walking ahead and so sees the rest of her jewelry which worries Mohan so he begins searching for her.

Someone is calling on the landline, Damini’s mother rushes to answer it thinking it might be Mohan but she is shocked to hear the Dadi of Radha who questions about her granddaughter because she tried calling her, Damini’s mother explains that Radha has run away from this house and she did not go alone but with their Mohan.

Kadambari questions what is she saying but she doesnot listen to anyone, when the father of Mohan ends the call exclaiming now, they would also get tensed, Damini’s mother mentions that they also need to be tensed just like them all.

Dadi after ending the call mentions she is worried because Radha went away with Mohan, Radha’s father assures that nothing wrong will happen as Radha also has Bihari jee with her for the help.

Radha is constantly struggling when the kidnapper puts her down mentioning they need to make her unconscious otherwise she is not going to remain calm when Radha shouts for help, Mohan suddenly comes to the rescue, he starts beating all of the goons one by one but one of them manages to hit him with a knife even when Radha warns him, the kidnapper then points a gun at him, his companion exclaims they were ordered to not harm him but he replies they cannot be killed.

Radha hits him with a rock from behind so he fires the gun which hits the hive of the bees, Mohan instructs Radha to run away because she needs to be safe when Radha refuses to leave, she covers them both with the dupatta, Mohan is not able to take his eyes off her and she is really restless, Mohan feels pain in his injury which Radha is not able to bear so she ties the dupatta explaining that his car would have the first aid box so she is going to give him the first aid that he requires, she takes him away towards the car.

Damini is with her mother who explains that Radha has surely run away with Mohan so now her entire plans would be unsuccessful, Damini explains it will be wrong when something wrong happens because they said they have the girl while Gungun is still in the house so who did they kidnap,

Kadambari comes to Damini assuring that nothing would go wrong because Mohan will surely come back, Ketika and Rahul both come assuring that Mohan will come back as he is not a child but they will do whatever they can to find him, Rahul says they can even send the entire police after him because this is what they are left with, to look after the killers and criminals, Kadambari in anger orders him to go back to his room.

Radha helps Mohan reach the car, she is not able to bear the blood that has spilt so starts giving the first aid, she suggests that they need to go to the doctor but he insists on first putting the nest back in its place, Radha agrees to do it so she herself rushes to put it back, Mohan in the meantime starts feeling pain in his arms,

Radha comes back, he tries getting up but then loses his strength and so falls unconscious seeing which she gets really tensed, Radha places something under his head requesting him to wake up since his family still needs him, he must wake up for Gungun and Kadambari along with everyone in his family, Radha calls Mohan trying to wake him.

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