Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 24th May 2022 Kadambari also suggests Radha to put the juice bottle when Ketika comes mentioning that she feels they all should also go to the picnic with them all when Kadambari replies she feels the can even take Dulari with them hearing which the husband of Ketika agrees to go and call them but Kadambari replies no one is going to go because this is the single moment when they all would be together so they would be the only one to go on the picnic.

Damini is in her room taking a bath when Gungun turns off the water supply, Damini wonders what has happened to the water when Gungun even takes away the clothes standing on the stool, she thinks that the story which Radha told her finally came to her benefit. Gungun then goes taking her phone but it is locked so she manages to open it with the photo frame.

Mohan is working on the cycle, his father questions what is he doing when Mohan replies that he is taking off the helping tires as he would be able to teach Gungun how to ride it just as he taught him, Mohan realizes that he is talking to his father so gets really serious questioning why is he saying this all to him, his father leaves thinking Mohan talked politely with him because of his daughter but he prays Mohan should always smile in his life.

Mohan gets a text from Damini who explains that she has left with Gungun for the picnic spot because they both are planning a surprise. Mohan exclaims that Damini is doing so much for him so he must also do something.

Gungun rushes out of the room while Damini is calling them, Tulsi smiles exclaiming that she is her daughter.

Gungun goes to Radha who is putting the things in the car trunk when she questions why has Gungun not dressed and she agrees to help her but Gungun pushes her inside the trunk and locks it, Tulsi asks her to let her go but Gungun doesnot listen.

Mohan drives off with Radha in the trunk, he is really excited thinking that he would enjoy at the picnic with Gungun and so even turns on the music because of which he is not able to listen to the calls of Radha, she in the trunk thinks that she would be able to get out after pushing the car seat, Mohan is shocked seeing her so she also yells when he drives the car over the spikes and causes it to crash.

Mohan getting out questions what is she doing here, she requests him to help her as she has gotten stuck, he insists that she first try to get her feet released. She once again requests him to help her so he manages to bring her out of the car, Mohan questions how did she end up in his car, she is about to take the name of Gungun but then informs she was putting the things in the car when she got locked,

he tries turning on the car but it doesnot start so Mohan then asks Radha to help him pack the things and stop a taxi, she pleads with him to listen to her however he is worried as Gungun would be waiting for him, the bag also tears causing all the belongings to fall on the road, Radha informs Mohan that Gungun is not waiting for him at the picnic as she was the one who pushed her into the car,

Mohan gets shocked hearing this, he is not able to remain in his senses, Mohan kneels down picking the letters in his arms, he seems very tensed and so informs that he was happy without any reason that today is the picnic, he walks away which worries Radha.

The kidnappers have kept their knives in the pocket and start walking towards the car, Mohan sits on the roadside while Radha puts back all the things, he is looking at the photo album while she sits beside him. She calls him so he explains this photo is of the time when she was just a few months old and he would himself feed her the milk, he turning the page informs the other photo is of when she was one and half years old,

he would himself help her take a bath, he explains she is just like her father and usually the first words of a child are Mumma but does she know what Gungun said, he reveals she said papa. Mohan informs that everything was fine till she was four years old but then someone told her that he is the killer of her mother, how can he make a child believe that he is not a murderer.

Mohan asks if she knows what is in the letter so informs that they have all those feelings that he was not able to tell her and if anything happens to him then she can at least know how much her father loves her but he starts tearing hem explaining how he now feels this would never happen as she is just not going to believe anything he says. Radha starts picking the pieces of the letter when he walks towards the car.

Mohan exclaims that his bad luck even caused pain to them, Radha doesnot understand when he explains he is talking about the nest, Mohan bring it to the car and starts fixing it which Radha doesnot understand, he informs he is going to fix it otherwise the birds would not have a home to come back to, Mohan explains she is still young and so doesnot know what it is to lose a family as it takes a lot of time to build a house and once when it breaks then it can never be built again, the person also gets destroyed like him.

Radha offers him her help but he says that he ordered her to stay at lest six feet away from him, so she must stand there, Radha goes to stand beside the car when the kidnappers exclaim the mam said they only have to kidnap the girl, they cover the face of Radha taking her away. Mohan turns back wondering what has happened.


Radha Mohan 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Damini tells Gungun, I know what you did. Now tell me where you sent your father. Mohan is in a forest. He says, Radha, if you don’t come out, then I will leave. He sees broken bangles and walks inside. He sees a few goons holding Radha. He fights with them. Radha tells him to be careful as one of the goons points his gun at Mohan.


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