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Radha Mohan 23rd May 2022 Mohan is sitting in the room when there is a knock on the door, he asks who is it, Radha stepping out exclaims it is her, she enters the room with a glass when he questions why does she always wants others to keep eating, Radha replies he surely wants to be a good person because he took her side in front of the friends of Damini and even defended Gungun,

Radha takes out some money and tries to hand it to Mohan, he questions what is it for when she informs this is for destroying his phone, she informs her Dadi only gave her so much money but assures of returning the entire amount really soon, Mohan with a smile explains she can keep the money back but must fix his habit of being a good person.

Damini seeing Radha immediately rushes to hug her thanking her for saving them because if she had not said that Gungun was telling the truth, he would not have believed that she was trying to protect Gungun,

Damini goes to apologize explaining that she knows she made a mistake when Mohan replies that she surely made it as because of her lunch his daughters life was at sake. Radha explains Damini also took the stance for Gungun, Damini explains that even Gungun is in a good mode but this must cash this opportunity so she suggests to have a picnic with only him and Gungun,

Mohan questions if she will agree to go on the picnic with him when Damini explains she would surely agree as he protect her and even, she knows about it. Radha excitingly agrees to go and start the preparations before handing him the Jhass, Damini follows Radha explaining she assured Mohan of going to the picnic but they all know that Gungun would only agree because of her,

Radha replies she would not agree because after what happened today, she will ever agree but Damini informs that Mohan agreed on the condition that Gungun accompanies them and if she is not able to make Gungun convince of going to the picnic with them then it will make sure everything is sorted, Damini leaves mentioning Radha doesnot have any brains and Radha wonders what will she do to convince Gungun.

Damini is walking when Kadambari comes mentioning it is right to be proud of their intelligence but to only think they are intelligent is not a good thing because she called really good friends, and her marriage with Mohan might have be ruined because of them, she doesnot even let Damini explain herself revealing that she must be glad Tulsi saved Gungun,

she asks her sister to  teach Damini something because if anything would have happened to Gungun then Mohan would have surely killed her, Damini assures she has asked Mohan to for a picnic as it might give her a chance when Kadambari replies that she must only focus on Gungun at the picnic.

Damini’s mother questions what is she doing as she must focus on Mohan because if she is able to convince him then the daughter would surely come, Damini thinks that Tulsi would be surly listening to them so asks her mother to come with her, Damini’s mother exclaims she must be close to Mohan like Radha,

Damini takes her outside when she explains that she feels Damini must do something that makes Mohan only see her, Tulsi is not able to cross the marking, Damini explains if she is able to save Gungun then it would be what they desire when Damini’s mother explains Tulsi will save her before Damini does anything,

Damini explains this is why she flaunted the idea about picnic because Guru maa said that she would not be able to hear anything outside the house, her mother praises her for the intelligence when Damini exclaims she will be the one to save Gungun from the kidnapping. Damini calls someone asking if he would be able to do something when the person assures, he has done everything she ordered,

Damini instructs him saying that nothing must happen to the girl and her father. Damini’s mother questions what if something happens to her then Damini exclaims, she doesnot have any fault in it.

Gungun in her room is hitting the photo of Chinto when Tulsi questions what is she doing, Radha brings her ice cream explaining that the score of her father is one while she is still at zero, Radha says that she knows Gungun would refuse so she must tell Mohan, Gungun at once agrees to go on the picnic when Radha hugs Gungun,

she signals Damini which the spirt of Tulsi sees and even Gungun sees them, she exclaims that now she is going to make them both learn what she is able to do, Tulsi warns Gungun to not go on the picnic.

Mohan is not able to believe that Gungun has agreed t go on the picnic with her father, he in excitement hugs Damini explaining that this all happened because of her and he cannot express it, Damini mentions they must leave early tomorrow and after it all everything would be fine when Mohan replies he wants to make it the best picnic so  Mohan leaves in excitement when Kadambari comes to Damini mentioning she never saw Mohan more happy then today and she doesnot know what she ahs done,

Mohan’s father comes explaining he knows it best how much a son hates his father so she must try to make sure that their differences end, Rahul is with his sister who doesnot understand about the picnic, he replies they are just the foolish desires. Damini’s mother exclaims Mohan wants to do more preparations when Damini exclaims, she is going to be the reason they come close.

Mohan is looking at the photo album which has the childhood photos of Gungun when he exclaims the time has come that this album gets more photos, he goes to stand in front of the mirror practicing how he is going to say he really loves Gungun and misses when she is away, he wonders if he is speaking to a child or giving a speech when he thinks of telling a joke and so exclaims she used to really piss in her infancy when Mohan thinks that he would be more comfortable in his natural way,

Mohan wonders who is the one who corrects the photo, he thinks she must look at what is happening around him because he is going on a picnic with his daughter and she is very soon going to call him papa,

he exclaims he is going to end the smile. Mohan sits on the bed oapening the trunk that contains all of the cars, the spirit of Tulsi exclaims she would be most happy if the differences end but why can they not see what Damini is doing to them, she is only scared for her daughter. Tulsi is worried while Mohan leaves.

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