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Radha Mohan 23rd July 2022 Radha is eating the Pani puri, Hriday explains he thought he would marry her after seeing her the first time, Mohan exclaims he feel in love the first time, Hriday replies that Radha is like that so when did Mohan fall in love, he gets tensed but Hriday explains he meant when did Mohan fall in love with Damini jee,

Radha suddenly starts coughing which mohan is not able to bear, he rushes to help her drink water so that she can feel better, Hriday thinks nothing would happen with doing this as Radha has gotten trapped and he doesnot know what is he going to do with her.

Kaveri entering the room closes the door thinking that Ketki has started following her constantly demanding that she tell the truth, she exclaims that even Damini is sleeping and so she goes to open the quilt to find Ketki lying there, she runs away while screaming when Ketki replies she would herself tell the truth and lifts the hairs,

asking if they themselves were burning. Kaveri replies she doesnot know anything about these hairs and needs to sleep, Kaveri exclaims they were talking to her and said that she was with them when she left for Mandir and where the old women attacked Radha. Kaveri exclaims she needs to go and sleep since they tend to think about such things after being deprived of sleep.

Ketki questions why is she running away if she is innocent, Ketki shows the photo in the newspaper in which the old women is wearing the same wig, Kaveri asks her to calm down as she is not the women as she doesnot have the white hair nor the teeth and the pimple, Ketki is stunned asking how does she know about it when they cannot see it in the photo, Kaveri gets tensed.

Gungun while walking thinks she might find something in the bag of Hriday, she is shocked to see Kadambari sitting with Dadi and Lata gee, Kadambari asks if she wants anything when Gungun asks them to go outside,

Kadambari questions why is she misbehaving when Gungun replies she is worried about them because they are not at all fit and would not be able to dance at the wedding, she even instructs Lata jee who exclaims if she would dance at this age since her knee hurts a lot, Gungun advises her to go and do the yoga,

she even says this to Kadambari who asks what has she done, Gungun replies she always makes voices so they must walk, Kadambari asks them to come since Gungun would not let them sit and they can complete their discussion while walking, Tulsi praises her as she is confident like her father.

Tulsi questions what is she doing because Dadi would scold her if she sees Gungun, she gets a call from Mohan asking if anything has been found, Gungun replies that they all were talking in the room and he exclaims even he has gotten fed up eating the chat, she replies she is going to surely find any proof against him,

Mohan requests her to hurry but is shocked to see Hriday standing behind him, he informs they have eaten a lot of things so must go back home, Radha also agrees but Mohan replies they have still not eaten the main thing of this street.

Kaveri exclaims she did not say it but meant they both should laugh, Ketki asks her to stop this acting since she has understood it all, Ketki mentions she did it so that the photo of Mohan and Radha is printed in the newspaper and her Dadi gets her married while fearing they would be humiliated,

she demands Kaveri should tell the entire truth as Dadi found the proposal because Damini arranged the meeting with Hriday. Kaveri still tries to refuse it but Ketki exclaims that she is going to tell Mohan and Kadambari about the truth. Kaveri stops her from leaving the room, they both start to struggle with each other when she finally manages to chew the wig destroying the proof.

Mohan enters the house when Kadambari questions why did it take him so late, Hriday and Radha also follow him, she asks in shock how they all are together when he informs Mohan jee also joined them. Hriday starts walking towards the room when Mohan follows him, Hriday asks if he is going to drop him at the room,

Dadi asks Mohan to come and sit with them for a bit while Hriday exclaims, he is going to come back after getting fresh, Hriday thinks Mohan managed to save Radha from him but he would not be so lucky all the time.

Gungun is searching for the bag but is not able to find anything, Hriday is also walking towards the room when Tulsi seeing him gets really tensed, she throws the bag on the floor which worries Gungun as she wonders how did it come here all of a sudden, Gungun is searching when Tulsi thinks of looking for it in the hall.

Mohan exclaims that it was a very long day, Dadi exclaims that he first had a problem when she decided to get Radha married and even now is running after Hriday, she questions what is wrong with him, Lata jee also questions if he feels that her son is a criminal just because he went to jail once, she standing starts screaming and asks if he thinks they have been hired, Damini signal her to end this conversation,

Kadambari also scolds Mohan and Dadi not being able to bear it stands asking what does he think of himself as just because they are getting Radha married they think they have some right over her.

Mohan replies even he has the mind to understand the character, she replies this is why his first wife died. Radha entering questions what is she saying as Tulsi was his first wife and whatever happened should remain between them both and they cannot question him,

Dadi asks if she thinks he has the right to interfere in her life because the way he is interfering is causing humiliation to both the families. Radha replies she has chosen the boy and even set the date, she never raised any question in front of her but she can not humiliate Mohan jee over and over again, she would not bear it.

Hriday hides after seeing Gungun searching his bag, he thinks of ending her life right now so he would see if Mohan is able to bear her death, he takes out the knife from his pocket but then recall how Damini mentioned there are cameras and microphones in their house so he slowly takes off his shoes, and turns off the lights, Gungun gets tensed so starts searching quickly, he thinks there would not be any recording if the lights are turned off.

Radha exclaims Mohan jee cares for them and if she has a problem they would leave now as the wedding can happen from anywhere but she would not bear how she humiliates Mohan. Everyone is stunned while Mohan is looking at Radha.

Gungun is searching while Hriday slowly walks over to her, she suddenly screams to Radha hearing which they all are shocked, Mohan gets worried.

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