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Radha Mohan 22nd November 2022 Radha’s hands touches with that of Mohan as the ward boys take the stretcher away, Damini notices the clothes so gets worried thinking they are the same as of Radha however she wonders how can it be possible, she refutes her thought before going back to the hall.

The ward boy after reaching the door gets a call so they both decide to leave thinking they can even send someone else to complete the formalities but for now have to reach the wedding, Radha starts swinging the stretcher with her hands while she is still covered, Kaveri gets scared seeing her so exclaims there would be a lot of ghosts in this hospital since a lot of people die, she while circling starts praying that she be spared, the doctor comes asking if everything is fine to which she assures there is no problem, Kaveri thinks she has to first calm herself because if the wedding doesnot happen then her daughter would surely never forgive her.

The pandit jee is reacting the Mantar when he informs they must quickly call both the bride and groom otherwise the auspicious time might be gone, Damini replies the wedding will happen at this time as nothing wrong would happen, she walks over to the Mandap with Mohan in the wheelchair, Radha is really worried seeing him.

The Pandit jee starts the Mantar while Damini sits beside Mohan in the Mandap, she thinks she would finally be married to him and there is nothing which anyone can do, Pandit jee asks them both to perform the ritual of Varmala, Radha wonders how can she stop this marriage, if she gets up then Kadambari would have her thrown out of the hospital, Damini fulfills the ritual, Radha prays that he should not be so helpless that she is not able to do anything because she has to stop this marriage.

Damini takes the Varmala to Mohan, Ajeet questions how Mohan is going to fulfill the ritual when he is unconscious, Damini places the Varmala in the hands of Mohan while she herself completes the ritual. Kaveri helps her as they complete it. Radha meanwhile hides under the stretcher, Shekar is also really worried.

Rahul once again starts forcing Ketki demanding that she go inside, Tulsi slaps Rahul when he asks Ketki slapped him without even thinking he is her brother, Ketki replies she did not slap him when Rahul asks if there is a ghost, Tulsi comes in between them both exclaiming if he tries to harm them both then would see what she is capable off, Rahul walking out of the house closes the door, Tulsi is not able to pass the protection shield Ketki and Gungun both request him to open the door, Ketki asks Gungun to come so they both run towards the back door however Rahul also closes it, thinking today Damini and Mohan would surely be married.

Pandit jee instructs the groom to fill the Mang of Damini, Radha thinks that Mohan jee would not only fill her Mang but ruin his entire life, Damini fills the Mang in the hands of Mohan, she is scared when he starts moving his hand and feet, Damini is not able to remove his hand which also worries Radha who wonders why she stopped. Kadambari instructs Damini to complete the ritual, Damini tries er best to lift the hand but she thinks they need two to three hours for the wedding so what would happen if he wakes up before it, Kadambari also asks what has happened while the doctor goes to check him, he explains the pulse of Mohan jee is getting weak and they would have to give him an injection. The doctor explains he would surely bring him back but Kadambari says he can give the injection here as it is not right to take the groom from the Mandap, Damini instructs the Pandit who assures it is not a sin when they have to break the rules in a matter of urgency, Kadambari agrees to his decisions when the doctor starts to leave with Mohan, Damini instructs him to give the injection but he replies he assured he would not apply it, Radha wonders what are they both talking about, she is sure there is something wrong so vows to reach there before anything wrong happens.

The doctor along with the ward boy leaves with Mohan, he reaching the hall instructs the ward boy to leave while he himself would take the patient.

Damini standing in the Mandap texts Parthap to send Mohan back after quickly administrating the injection, saying there should not be any mistakes. Parthap agrees to it, the doctor reaches with Mohan in the room when Parthap hands him the syringe and medicine, the doctor after filling it explains he must administer the injection. Parthap is about to inject it when the doctor says he must first go outside, Parthap questions why he got scared with just this one injection, the doctor leaves replying he saves lives but never takes money to kill anyone, Parthap is about to administer the injection, Damini thinks there should not be any mistakes otherwise her plan would be ruined.

Kaveri is walking in the hall wondering why Damini desire a milkshake, she doesnot know that there are ghosts in this hospital, Radha while searching for the room of Mohan reaches the same hall and is standing behind Kaveri, she gets scared of her, Kaveri turns exclaiming it is the correct path.

Parthap exclaims Mohan really gave him a beating but now it is time to say good bye, Radha while searching for the correct room wonders why is she not able to find the right one, she notices the marks of the wheelchair in the room and quickly rushes inside, Parthap is shocked to see her standing in front of his eyes, Radha gest really tensed but Parthap tries his best to inject it however Radha hits him in the head with a metal tray before trying her best to leave with Mohan however Parthap manages to close the door, exclaiming she managed to be saved from the bomb but this time will die since the person who always protects her is unconscious.

Damini wonders what is taking him so long to administer the injection, Kadambari instructs Ajeet to go and check Radha, he is shocked saying he advised her to not throw her outside, Kadambari stares at him when he exclaims that he is going.

Radha manages to hit Parthap with the wheelchair causing him to fall, she stands over him placing her leg over his chest questioning who send him, Damini gets really worried why is it taking so long, Parthap is about to mention the name of the person who send her.

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