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Radha Mohan 1st June 2022 Radha mentions she needs some help from Gungun but she doesnot understand so asks what does she need, Radha explains she needs her help, she asks if Gungun is going to lend her some of her books since she desires to learn English as her Rosie mam says there is not any time to learn,

Gungun brings her books, Radha is shocked seeing how heavy they are so mentions that she doesnot want to learn so requests for a book that is a little light, Gungun smiles bringing it when Radha leaves thanking her as she needs to rest, Mohan is also smiling standing in the window and leaves.

Radha goes to the Mandir mentioning Bihari jee has always stood by her side in all the problems that she faced but she is once again going to start something really difficult so he must always stay by her side, Radha mentions that she knows Gungun made a mistake and lied to everyone, but she has tried to inform her and is sure that Gungun will never lie again.

Gungun in her room is sitting thinking how everyone blamed her for lying when in reality it was Damini who was lying, Gungun exclaims she will not accept anything that Radha is saying because she advised her to be nice and tell the truth but everyone just scolded her which was not at all right, she will show her tomorrow that it is not so easy to be her mother, she is going to show her in the morning what it means to be her real mother.

Radha in the night is trying to read English, Mohan sits beside her with some books, Radha questions what is this all when he informs that he is the one who used to teach Gungun everything when she was young so if she wants to start then must do it from the beginning, Radha asks if Mohan is the one who is going to teach her, he jokes explaining those who are with him is going to teach her,

he explains he knows the reason she wants to do it, she must not think of changing as there is no need, Radha informs he did not say anything wrong as they in todays time need English for every important thing, she explains she doesnot know the names of the medicines but has to remember them by their color but she feels she should know them by the name, Mohan assures she will know it, if she tries to learn and be her best in studying.

Mohan explains these two books are most important, he reveals there is one book which is her text book while the other would be the copy book in which she is going to write, she gets confused questioning why is Go not goo, Mohan taking the copy book asks if she was making the drawing in the book but Radha replies that little Gungun would have made it since these are her books, Mohan exclaims she used to draw them everywhere in the house,

he starts revealing how she would always love everyone and especially him but he doesnot know what happened to her that caused such a dramatic change, but what happened today is really wrong. Radha explains nothing what happened today can be corrected, Gungun just needs a little time since she is just a child. Mohan agrees to give her some time but he informs Radha will not get any since she needs to focus on her studies, he is a really strict teacher, Damini and her mother seeing this get really angry, she rushes back to her room.

Damini’s mother entering the room exclaims it is really wrong since Mohan at one time throws her out of the house but then he himself brings her back and even now is himself teaching her English, she exclaims Damini must do something about her, she mentions Radha is playing with fire as she got really close to her Mohan which is not acceptable, her mother questions what about Gungun, Damini replies she has already started ruining her life in this house and there would be a day when Mohan would not even look at her face, she vows to make her pay.

Radha is looking at Mohan who explains they must study from their mind, Radha asks if he doesnot thinks that the nose is a little big, Mohan doesnot understand so questions what does she mean, Mohan warns her to just focus on her studies and look at the book, she after a while once again makes a mistakes which he corrects explaining it is enough for today, Radha tries walking the other way when he signals that her room is on the other side, she leaves explaining she thought of looking after Gungun, Mohan smiles as she leaves.

Tulsi is sitting beside her daughter who is sleeping so tries to be with her but she is not able to touch her, Tulsi then sees Radha sitting beside Gungun and she kisses her hand before whispering that she doesnot have to lie as it is wrong, Mohan pulls Radha back covering her mouth, she questions what is he doing when he informs the only reason he covered her mouth was so she can not make any noise,

she asks what was she doing, Radha replies her Dadi said it is nice to whisper good things to children as they tend to reach their hearts and remain in their minds, Mohan exclaims she must tell her Dadi that she is wrong, Radha tries to defend her when Mohan explains he meant that Radha doesnot have half mind but has a little extra mind,

Mohan smiles mentioning she must whispers more good things, he leaves so Radha also turns back after correcting her bed, Gungun wakes up exclaiming these tricks will not work on her anymore as Damini broke the photo of her mother so she is surely going to make sure Damini is thrown out of the house.

In the morning Radha is working in the kitchen when Damini enters calling Dulari, Radha gets shocked seeing her when Damini questions about Dulari, she explains Dulari is doing some work so she is cooking the breakfast, and has made paratha with kheer which she made especially for Gungun, Damini questions if she is going to make it even after what Gungun did yesterday.

Radha replies that she feels that children should be taught with love and care that is always more suitable than anger and frustration, Damini explains she is going to make the pasta for Gungun when Radha replies she doesnot know how to make it, Damini replies she is the one who is getting married with Mohan so must be the one to convince Gungun, she asks Radha to leave. Damini is frustrated when Gungun enters with a smile asking what is she making, she informs her she is making the Pasta hearing which Gungun leaves thanking her, Damini gets worried wondering since when did she become so nice.

The entire family is at the breakfast tbale, Kadambari asks if Mohan is not going to have the breakfast, Damini informs he went to sleep a little late so she sent his low salt breakfast to his room, Shekar entering the house questions how can he not have the breakfast, he is about to go and call him when Kadambari stops him mentioning he might not be able to have the breakfast because of Mohan,

hearing which he sits down at the table. Kadambari is amazed to see the pasta at the breakfast table, Damini replies she made it for Gungun as everyone scolded her yesterday so she felt they must be nice with her, Ketika exclaims Gungun should be scolded for what she did, Damini mentions it is not her way as she feels children should be taken care off with love, repeating what Radha said to her, Damini’s mother also mentions this is what she taught her daughter.

Radha serves Jhass at the table when Shekar is amazed, Radha mentions since it is really hot then this Jhass is going to end all the heat that is in their body, Shekar suggests she must then place a lot of them in the room of Mohan since he is always angry, Radha replies it is not like that since his heart is of pure gold,

Damini gets frustrated asking if she can bring water for them, Radha agrees before leaving. Gungun is eating the pasta when she suddenly starts coughing, Radha asks what happened but she is not able to say anything, everyone is looking at her while she starts suffocating and is not even able to breathe properly, everyone gets really tensed including Radha.

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