Radha Mohan 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 19th May 2022 Gungun while sitting acts as Gungun bai which angers Mohan who takes out the toothpick questioning what Damini what has she become, he questions if Damini has lost her mind as she claims to be a mother and is that what a mother does,

Damini tries to refuse when he replies that she took the responsibility and is that what she did to his daughter informing that he is not like those parents who want their daughter to grow up before her age so he requests Kadambari to get Gungun changed, he leaves angering Damini who looks at Gungun. Ketika comes to Damini’s mother asking if the plans of her daughter are being ruined as her daughter was not able to do anything.

Damini wonders where did Radha go so she rushes to the room when Radha exclaims she is in the bathroom and as Damini opens the door, she rushes out mentioning she might have lost her breath and died, Damini blames Radha for all that happened as she was the one to help Gungun, she comes to the door seeing whom Radha gets shocked questioning what has she become when Radha assures that she will correct it and so asks her what has she become, she replies she will were whatever she feels like, Radha assures she will correct everything.

Mohan is sitting in the room when he stands looking at the photo exclaiming his daughter hates him because of her and whenever he tries to hold her hand, she pushes him away leaving. He suddenly hears Radha calling him from behind when he turns, she is standing just behind him so he gets scared exclaiming that he told her to stay away from him,

she requests that she needs his help but he replies she needs a mental doctor but Radha informs she needs the help for Gungun, Mohan thinks that she said she needs help for his daughter who is his responsibility. Mohan looks to Radha asking what does she have in mind, she assures of returning in just a while after which Mohan turns when he looks behind Radha bumps into him with a wooden plank,

he gets shocked asking if she is going to hit him with it when Radha explains he needs to make something from it for Gungun.
Radha goes to Gungun in the room mentioning that Bihari je would also tease everyone when he was young but was smart enough to not hurt someone’s feeling so if she says something then would Gungun accept it,

Gungun asks when has she hurt anyone’s feelings as she agreed for the fancy dress but just wore the dress of her own choice when Radha asks if she would not do anything for her even when she helped her plant the Tulsi plant, Gungun exclaims she will do anything other then changing her sarree, Radha wonders what will she do now so she asks if Gungun is going to hear a poem and she starts reciting it mentioning she fought really well as she was the Rani of Jhansi, the entire family is waiting when Gungun come exclaiming she is the Rani of Jhansi,

seeing whom everyone is stunned and they start smiling, Mohan has a smile on his face, Gungun goes to stand in front of him while he is just looking at her, Radha signals Mohan jee to give her the things that he made, Mohan kneels down picking up the sword that he made sword, Gungun thinks how Radha said that Rani of Jhansi never went into a battle without a sword,

Gungun after picking the sword once again reads the same poem mentioning the sword was old but now she has a new one, Radha exclaims that this sword was made by her father, Gungun exclaims that she is also going to win the competition when Mohan assure she will win but there is just one thing left, he rushes to the Mandir which causes Radha to smile as she thinks Mohan has once again met the real Mohan jee but he brings the tilak from the Mandir exclaiming that Damini just left out one thing which he will do, he after applying it exclai9ms now she must go to the school and win the competition,

Gungun asks sunny to take her to the school as she needs to win the competition when he agrees.
Radha stops them from leaving informing Sunny that he will not go today when he replies that he takes her to school every day but Radha mentions today is special so someone special must accompany her like her father, she calls Mohan jee who is left awed. She takes the bag going to Mohan jee,

he also agrees to taking the bag but when he asks Gungun to hold his hand, she instead mentions she will not go to the school with the killer of her mother, hearing which tears start filling Mohan’s eyes, she leaves asking Sunny to take the bag and follow her, Mohan with tears in his eyes hands the bag to sunny while walking in the room, Radha gets worried.

Mohan enters the room emotionally broken, Kadambari enters the room when Mohan asks why is she crying, she mentions everything is happening because of her so he must forgive her, Mohan questions what has she done when she exclaims that her fate is the problem as just as her own children turned their faces from her, his daughter has also started hating him, Mohan asks her to sit down mentioning she is the best mother as she gave him the meaning to once again start a new life,

Mohan hugs Kadambari when she asks him to not take the words of Gungun to his heart as she is just a child but Damini would surely win her heart and then she advises him to not scold her as they must never do it for the relations that are already weak, otherwise he can do whatever he feels like.

Dulari is watering when she gets scared, Radha stands up covered in water when Dulari questions what is she doing, Radha exclaims she is hiding her face because she made a mistake by advising Mohan to take her to school, Dulari advises her to be careful with Gungun as she is always acting like the Rani of Jhansi when she is also holding a sword today,

Radha assures Gungun will get better with time but she is actually feeling sorry for Mohan, whenever she tries to do something food for him it all goes so horribly wrong as like today she also broke his phone, Radha gets an idea so she goes to the table with his broken phone along with some glue and scotch tape, Radha manages to glue it all together.
Radha after gathering her breath knocks on the door of Mohan, he coming out asks if she is not satisfied that his daughter cursed him in the morning, he orders her to leave, Radha gets terrified seeing the anger and frustration filled in Mohan jee.


Radha Mohan 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha asks Gungun what happened in the competition. Gungun excitedly says, I won. Everyone gets happy. Mohan says to Damini, Gungun won because of you, he hugs her and says thank you. Radha looks at Radha and Damini, thinks why am I not feeling happy after seeing them together?


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